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Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by boxerchip, Sep 2, 2004.

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    Today I finalized it! I now am making this post on a 2.5 dual G5 with a 23 inch display! Im QUITE a fan... its GREAT any just wanted to thank you all for all your help.
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    Wow, that's quite a setup you have there. Glad to hear your happy with it. I hope you have many years of enjoyment with your new mac.

    Best wishes,
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    COngratulations...... I know how you feel. I felt the same way when I received mine. after I set it up, I just kept on looking at it for a while.
    Thinking WOW
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    yeah im still a little freaked out by not knowing anything... im used to knowing everything about PCs and this is my first mac so im just sorta like uhhh AHHH lol but its going well so far except i cant find a way to make i chat alert me when someone new comes on!!!!
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    Congratulations! I made the switch back in April of this year with a dual 2GHz G5 and 20" cinematic display. I had been in California on business and stopped into the Apple store at the mall in San Jose, CA, and chatted with the guru at the Genius Bar there. Having not had an Apple since my IIGS, I was pleasantly surprised by all the Unix underpinnings of OS X (I'm also a Linux user, so this was GREAT news.) I ordered my setup about a month after returning home.

    Funny story: I had my new system set up and running all of 30 minutes, and began demonstrating it to my wife. After about 5 minutes on it, she tells me, "I want one, too!" Well, we didn't get another G5, but her PIII-550 box that used to run Windows was shortly replaced by a nice little iMac.

    We're now a couple of Apple users and will NEVER look back!
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    haha yes i set mine up and my mom came in and said i want one... you take the PC back and give me that. LOL
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    Nice :) Congrats
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    is there anyway i can get somthing that tells me the temp of the mac?

    also ram usage?
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    I'm not sure about RAM, but search google for (I believe) ThermographX for temp.
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    Brother Michael

    I bought my iBook over this past summer.

    My dad now wants to get my mom an iBook for her BDay.

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    lol ive got NO ram free 512 is not enough for a G5 they should come with a gig
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    niceee thanks!

    also what should i be looking at as far as ram... i know its all the same but whats the most highly respected in the mac world?
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    Just on a side note and totally unrelated topic...

    ive been anti mac my entire life... and the reason for that is the Imac the old once with passive cooling and the old mac OS like 8 or somthing... We had those at my school and they would freez every 5 min so when ever someone said macs were stable ide just laugh at them, the apple server would be down 6-50 times a day... it was just a MESSS and i think that basically did it for everyone in the school, if it were not for my good friend bolman i would not know the joy of mac :)
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    Crucial's considered to be the best in the computer world, period, Mac or PC. Kingston used to have a similar reputation, but I've heard some reports of Kingston RAM not working in some people's G5s, so it's a hit-or-miss sort of thing.

    I envy those of you up and running (especially with Cinema Displays :)). I finally got my DP2.0 yesterday, unwrapped it quickly like a kid on Christmas Day, set it all up and...found that my new Sceptre LCD monitor was defective. Being on a student's budget, it looks like I'm just going to have to wait over a week for them to ship me a new monitor :(. I had to steal someone's cheapo Dell monitor just to get it set up and do a little bit of bragging here in the dorms :p
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    Ive always considered corsair to be HANDS down the best ram... and only in the mac forums seen people say crucial makes the best.
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    congrats i just got my mom an emac hehe

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