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My girlfried feels silly. Free ipod offer.

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by cenok, Jul 5, 2008.

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    I recently helped my girlfriend purchase a Macbook, and didn't take the free ipod offer. And she's feeling a bit silly about it.
    We didn't get a chance to call an Apple store today.

    So I thought I'd ask here.
    Does anybody know whether she would be able to pick one up if she brought her Online Order statement and purchase an ipod Touch at an Apple location and receive the rebate?

    Thanks! :D
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    You posted this at 24 minutes after midnight Sunday morning. The Apple store opens in a few hours. Why don't you call them then and let us all know what they have to say?
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    Ah, I didn't know that. I just assumed they had "normal" operating hours.
    Thanks for the info!
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    The promotion for the iPod says, under Purchase Restrictions: Except as otherwise provided in these terms, the Apple computer and iPod must be purchased on the same invoice/sales receipt.

    Looks like you need to have ordered them at the same time. Maybe you can cancel the order, assuming you haven't received it?
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    Take it into a store and explain the situation. They'll scan your computer, go through the return process, and then scan it back as a purchase with an iPod on the same receipt.
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    Darklyt: Yeah, She's already received her Macbook.

    Akonradi: Hopefully they'll do that. I talk to her about it.
    I know I won't skip out on the offer when I order my MBP. :p
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    If she's opened it, though, it's a different story. I've had them do that for both iPod and printer rebates over the years with my computers, and I've read about similar procedures at other locations. But I've never heard of them doing that with opened computers. It's still worth a shot, though.
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    Yes she has. I installed Windows and got her multiple apps for school. When we both go back to college. :p

    Ha.. Anyways. I guess I'll make a call then.

    Thanks for all your help Akonradi!
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    As far as i know the REBATE only happens when you buy both the computer and the iPod together.

    You have to buy full for both, and then get the money back. Thats what happened when I got my iPod Video 5.5g
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    Pray that the manager at your local Apple Store is in a good mood when you waltz in.

    How many days ago was the original purchase?
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    Apple probably doesnt process rebates, third parties usually do, and they always look for reasons not to fulfill them. I think theres no way to get it since even if you purchased it properly rebates can be a gamble, the rebate center may not like your name or the kind of pen you used, or you were the 800th rebate of the day which is a bad luck number, really... rebate companies are bastards. A manager or an Apple employee isnt going to have the power needed to get that rebate company to give you your money.

    I was once denied a rebate because I sent an actual invoice of my cell bill rather than a copy since I pay online. The rebate company does not accept ORIGINAL billing statements, they only accept xerox COPIES of the billing statements. They literally look for anything to deny you your rebate.
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    how does someone give up a free ipod?
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    any updates with how this turned out?
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    he was obviously killed at the Apple Store
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    That's what i assumed, thought I should ask first.
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    What happened dude? Did you get your free ipod don't leave us in suspense.
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    I'm interested to hear what happened here. I would think it would be good customer service to allow for the free iPod. Being a stickler for the rules certainly doesn't generate a lot of goodwill. It's not like Apple is actually losing anything - she could have taken it at the time of purchase, but for whatever reason she didn't. Speaking to a manager would be my advice if the sales staff doesn't seem helpful.
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    Send in the recon team.
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    Maybe they did the typo in the thread's title and fried the girl.

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