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Discussion in 'iPod touch Accessories' started by WILLDOGS, Sep 15, 2007.

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    So I was bored and thinking of a way to protect the chrome backing to my ipod touch as well as the screen. Turns out, apple provided a case to protect the back right in the box! - well sort of

    It's a little crude, but works and will last me until some real cases come out. I just want something NOW!

    I decided to use the plastic black tray that came with the packaging of the ipod, it's already molded perfectly and with some scissors, straight blade and some time to think it out, I came up with the following:















    I used some velcro to attach it. The glue comes right off the smooth rear of the ipod, any residue I run into can be easily removed with a dab of goo gone. All the connections work fine.

    To protect the screen, I just left the thin piece of plastic that came with it and cut off the tab that was sticking out of it.

    The round hole is being covered by some clear packing tape that I sandwiched from both sides. It's not pretty, but it works and thats all I care about for now. Maybe I'll think of something better to replace the tape.

    ** Sorry for the crappy pics, but I only have my phone on me.

    Waddya think?
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    lol nice, i made my own screen protector, kind of, like that, it came in the box lol. u know the plastic covering the usb port and the screen, well i just cut off the part where the usb is and its my screen protector! ...until i get a real one
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    I'm just going to get the invisibleshield. Definately put it on the chromed rear, but I'm in two minds whether the front glass needs it.
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    And then there was me, who plans to use his beat up old iPod sock as a case. Blasphemy!
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    Thats pretty awesome. I would try that, but I don't want to ruin my box :p
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    I have a sheet of 2'x4' self adhesive clear vinyl (£1) that I bought off my friend who works at a local garage, apparently they use the stuff to mask off the areas while airbrushing graphics on motorbikes and cars ..

    considerably cheaper than invisible shield and it works! no scratches and no dents ... been using this for years on many of my gadgets.
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    Exactly how I'd feel - I'm gonna get some iPod Socks
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    I just put clear package tape on the back of the ipod, and trimmed the excess (wrapped to the front) with an exacto knife. I also didn't remove the factory screen protector, and trimmed the excess of that too. To protect an entire back or front of an iPod like this I will need to get some Scotch extra wide packaging tape, but I believe home Depot has this in stock! For the mean time the back has a small tape seam, and the front is fine because the factory protector gives full screen coverage.

    I have done this with every ipod I own, including my 15gb 3rd gen (Ur-Touch). My nano (1st gen) has absolutely no scratches on the front or back, neither does my 5th gen, or my new touch. The tape can stay on when you get a case, as it will continue to add protection (dirt and sand can get in-between even an iSkin and your iPod).

    Back (the long line is a tape seam, not a scratch)
    Photo 11.jpg

    Photo 12.jpg

    5t gen iPod Video (mine is revision one bought right when they came out) This iPod has NEVER had a case. The right side of the image has the tape still on it (about a year old now), and the left is with the tape removed.

    Photo 15.jpg

    Notice the Shine on the left hand side, and no scratches! The front is the same, no scratches.
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    Good idea with the tape!
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    I believe Apple claim the glass is scratch resistant. Can never be too careful though, just depends how fussed you are about keeping it in mint condition.
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    Quick question regarding the placstic tray that I used to make my case. If for any reason, I have to send my unit back to Apple in the future, will they give me a hard time because I will be sending it back without the plastic tray?

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