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My iBook G4 has issues...AGAIN!!!!

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by htg, Apr 27, 2010.

  1. htg
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    I made a thread a few days ago which you can find here:

    But the problem, slightly different has happened again. I thought I'd open a new thread. I was playing the same game, and the screen flickers before shutting down a few seconds later. I then press the power button and nothing happens. I press it again and the fan turns on and goes CRAZY for about a minute before the computer boots successfully.

    I hope nothing has crapped out.

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    It sounds like the logic board is failing, I had that happen to mine.
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    Get it looked at by a tech. You might get lucky, a similiar problem happened to mine and it turned out to be 'bad components' thankfully and not the logic/mother board.
  4. htg
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    It pisses me off, especially since I only got it second hand like a week ago.

    I dunno if I can even get my money back
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    Then definitely get it looked at. Bad component problems for me only cos £50 to fix. If you cant get your money back anyway, at least you could have a working one for a bit more cash.

    It really does sound like a hardware problem either way, so it's worth getting it looked at least?
  6. htg
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    That's exactly what I plan to do.
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    Yeah, take it to an AASP in your area.

    If it was me though, I'd find it difficult to invest much money in a machine of that age.
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    Sounds like the typical gpu failure that was plagued on those logic boards. There is a small chip on the underside of the logic board below the ati chip where a solder join will crack and fail causing the issue you speak of. If you know how to re-solder you could attempt repair. If not the easiest way is logic board replacement. And I say easy because it's not messy like with solder but taking an iBook g4 apart is somewhat of a pain in the arse.
  9. htg
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    I got it second hand for about (80 euros) 90 dollars which is an excellent price but its just really annoying as it's sort of all my allowance (I'm only 15) thats vanished.
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    I know it sucks to hear, but I believe a lesson has just been learned. All in all, it is an iBook and therefore a pretty old computer.
  11. htg
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    It works just fine if I don't play this specific game, s I might just stop playing it and if it crashes later on, at least I would have got something out of it.

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