My ibook is here !!

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by galstaph, Sep 19, 2005.

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    Well It JUST got here, I was sleeping on the couch waiting for the fed-ed guy to show and then, 8:32am doorbell rings and yea! my ibook is here. I'm going to post some pictures in a moment (my digital cameras batteries were dead! thank goodness for rechargeables). This is like christmas in september! It came in non-descript brown packaging now I'm looking at it wondering if I should open it right now or wait until my ipod comes later today?? I think I'll open it and check to see all is well and good on the little ibook...
    This is exciting :D :D
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    congrats! Awesome machine... hee, I am biased though-- got one myself! :D
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    Congrats! You will live it. I for one could not wait to open my powerbook. I think I had it turned on before the Fedex guy left my driveway :D
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    congratulations on your new computer! the ibooks are indeed awsome!

    what specs did you get exactly? post lots of pictures for us to drool over!

    you will enjoy the iBook , i love how it looks.

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    well shut my updated your sig. nevermind then!
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    I'm just updating it now. It came in (so-far) flawless condition, case lines up perfectly, no dead pixels, space bar looks a wee bit (like .25mm) off kilter but I can live with that as the only issue :D
    I can see what everyone was talking about now, that new ibook smell as you open the box, the delicate arrangement of accessories and the lovingly packaged ibook nestled in static foam...
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    12.1" 1.33ghz 60GB HD AE BT combo (of course)
    Any other specs you'd like? I think that about covers it.
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    The 'book even found a wireless network upon initializing ;) , but they require a password :(
    'tis ok, i have broadband to use until I get me a wireless connection :eek:
  9. mpw

    Do me a favour. Load Office/Word 2004 trial. Now type half a page of text, random, whatever takes your fancy, now copy part and paste it.

    Is your iBook still on your desk/lap or have you thrown it through your window into the snow for the polar bears to feast on because you couldn't even do that without the bloody spinning rainbow pizza every formating action?

    God I hate Office 2004. Why is it sooooo slow?

    Sorry to rant but I had this problem with Office v.X on my iBook G3 and I got it back again yesterday 'cause my sister bought an iBook G4 last week on my advice and is tearing her hair out over it and regretting switching to Apple.

    Even my 1.8 G5 iMac struggles with Office/Word 2004.
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    I have Mac office. There's no problems for me. I can even run it at "better battery life" cpu reduction without insane rainbows.
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    first post from ibook :) I will have to try doing the office thing, I'm not sure if it will efffect mine like yours or not.
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    good news for u...
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    nope office seems to copy/paste fine, not even a second of beachball, thats copying a whole page even :D how many programs do you have open to make it spin the beachball? I only have safari and word open.
  14. mpw

    Why does Office hate me? :confused:

    Enjoy your iBook.
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    did you charge your camera?!

    Hope the ipod arrives safely too,

    nice system, happy relationship
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    A very nice setup galstaph. It should provide a lot of pleasure. How much RAM? Did you get AppleCare? 1 GB of RAM will improve performance.
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    has 512mb ram, uping that to 1.5 in january (hopefully) and getting applecare in january as well either way (just in case... knock on wood)
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    OT alert

    Perhaps you did not fully trash the MS office trial before installing? Dunno why we have to do that; but all the instructions say so.
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    Because its a Microsoft product?
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    I had mine almost a year now and I´m nothing but happy.
    Great little machine for the price.
    Youcan even run PRO apps lif Final Cut Pro on it, although it struggels at times then.

    Only problem I´ve had has been fighting over it with my wife :rolleyes:

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    My order has just been shipped after taking only 2 days to build. Im soooo excited. Never used a Mac in my life...
  22. mpw

    There were instructions to read? I never read instructions.
    Good point I'll trash this installtion and the trial and even v.X and start over.

    Cheers, you can have your thread back now. :)
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    My poor little iBook has been put to the side and folds all day now that I work from home.

    Poor little guy.
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    sorry about not posting the pics yet, I just put them onto the ibook, besides I've been having fun playing with the litte guy ;)
    So far, this is the fastest computer in my house, and the best os bar-none I'm enjoying it very much.

    I just need a place to put the images so I can display them, let me see what I can dig up.

    (still waiting on my ipod, sameday was supposed to deliver it yesterday, it was on the truck and everything, the driver decided not to deliver it :mad: )

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