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My iMac G3 700/SE Graphite likes to crash, and I do not mean parties...

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by VoidSlaad, Dec 19, 2010.

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    Okay, I have a feeling this is probably due to insufficient RAM or overheating, but some input would be nice. My iMac has a 60GB HDD, 256MB PC133 module, 700MHz G3 CPU. It is currently running MacOS X 10.3.9. When I am in Safari, it seems that if I visit some sites (heavy data ones), Safari seems to "unexpectedly quit." :mad: When running SNES9X emulator, I can play for a while, then the iMac freezes or tells me to restart it:mad:... Any suggestions? :confused:
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    If i remember right didn't those iMacs have a fan? I would heck to see if the fan still works. If it does I would reinstall osx cause it sounds like courpted files
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    G3 iMacs don't have a fan. My guess is it doesn't have enough ram. Try maxing it out at 1Gb. It should be much happier.
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    I'd say bad RAM or bad HDD. Not enough RAM shouldn't cause crashes, freezes and/or KPs.
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    tom vilsack

    i have similar imac 600 256mb ram 40 gig harddrive...but i run osx tiger 10.4.11.........safari never crashes on me...and other snes cant say...

    -i find tiger runs better then panther (any chance you could get hold of?)
    -camino is best browser for these old imacs,then get lastest flash

    have you tryed running Disk utility and run 'Repair disk Permissions' and 'repair disk'?
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    I swear my 600mhz g3 snow had a fan. I know the lower MHz iMacs didn't have fans but I thought the higher MHz ones did
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    tom vilsack

    iMac model revisions A-D have a fan, while the "slot loaders" don't
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    Thank you for the confirmation tom. I would be willing to bet the inside is dirty and or the fan has stopped functioning.
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    The inside is not dirty as I have disassembled the computer, washed and tried to buff out the casing, scrubbed rust spots out...pretty much gave it a detailing. I am quite certain the HDD is fine because I had initially gutted the iMac and was going to sell the parts that I was not using...I installed the HDD into my wintel box, put WinXPProSP3 on it, and worked beautifully...On a side note, I did not know that there was a LED built into the underside of the HDD. When I looked down one day at my PC tower and saw this greenish light shining forth from the case, I was like "what the hell is that?" Something else I find amusing...although the iMac is considerably lower tech than my desktop, even with the iMac's USB 1.1 bus (I am using a Linksys WUSB600N USB adapter), I have a stabler WiFi connection with it than my PC with the same adapter. I am frequently losing signal with my wintel box...is that not something?
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    I remember from my iMac G3 that it was recommended to only use HDs of 5400rpm. Any faster and they could overheat. What speed is your HD unit?
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    Back in 2000 or 2001 that may have been the case, but drives today are much cooler than they used to be. Even a 7200rpm drive from now is going to run considerably cooler than a 5400rpm drive from nearly a decade ago. First thing I would do is re-install Mac OS if its been some time since that was last done. Also, run Tech Tool on it to verify the components, or do a google search for Mac Test Pro G3 and see if you can find it. It will run low level tests on all the components to track down any problems. Runs under Mac OS 9 though.
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    My snow had a 7200 in it and I never ha heat issues. I would verify and repair disk permissions. I would also see if their are any upgrades for programs or system updates and install them
  13. MacHamster68, Dec 20, 2010
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    no certainly not i have a 600 and a 700 mhz one and neither has anything like a fan , all but the original iMac g3 tray loader(the only with fan) had been convection cooled
    and mine never overheat , but for panther and tiger its recommedned to use at least 512mb ram , and safari is not the best browser anyway
    i use camino , but if you want to watch youtube videos (not fullscreen ) then try out tenfourfox browser its amazing , it will manage videos up to 240p
    (yes thats is perfectly watchable )without any stutter or lag on my 700mhz iMac G3 with 768mb ram 7200rpm hdd and even on my iMac g3 600mhz its watchable with only 384mb ram , both running tiger
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    I have uninstalled the emulator...I have a hunch that it was just a poorly supported version because I ran a game (Darius 3?) for quite a while, but then I switched ROMs to play MegaMan7, which ran for a bit and then crashed my machine. I have uninstalled a bunch of useless (to me) programs and repaired permissions and everything seems to be running okay...sort of.

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