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My iMac G5 is HERE!! :D

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by eXan, Nov 10, 2005.

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    I returned home and it was sitting on my table! Yay! Beautiful enclosure, VERY nice screen and impressive performance! :D :cool: :D

    I've been waiting for it for 3 weeks and here it is! Ahh im so happy! :)

    The only complain is HD space, without my stuff (photos, music, videos) it is already 1/2 full :eek: (yes its 160 gig HD)

    At "Highest" CPU setting the fan noise is BARELY recognizable. Very quiet!!

    Awesome :D

    Oh its 2nd ren. 17 inch model :)
  2. ksz
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    You know, I am torn between a quad-core G5 and an iMac 20"! There's a world of difference between them, but it just shows how much appeal that new iMac has. I hope Front Row runs smoothly; comments I have seen recently indicate sluggish performance.

    Congrats and enjoy!
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    Dude, lol, with all that money for the quad, why not both?!
  4. ksz
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    Because there's no fun in having it all.
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    nice pick
    have fun with the imac
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    Can I try and let you know?
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    I got mine too...

    Wasn't supposed to ship until 16 Nov!

    However, I am fairly sure I have a faulty fan. There is a definite buzz coming from the left hand side. The pitch rises and drops very gradually and it is very annoying. It will be a shame if it has to go back but I can't have this buzz right next to my ear. The selling point for me was the "whisper quietness" which had been confirmed over here by so many.

    Any suggestions?
  8. ksz
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    I've tried it. You can trust me.
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    Congrats on the purchase
  10. Moderator emeritus

    mad jew

    Nice one. :)

    So, update your signature and then start importing CDs - feel the speed. :p
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    Mine too, although I've an ext. 300Gb dedicated to Movie editing.
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    Clearly, you want an iMac more :p
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    Are you serious. Half the HD is used out of the box? What could be taking up so much space?
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    No way... my ibook's 40 GB drive (really 37) had maybe 28 or so free out of the box. What could be on the imac that's taking up ~50 more gigs?
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    He is exaggerating. ;) :)

    There is a very minor speed difference 2.0GHz > 2.1GHz. :)
  16. ksz
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    The emotional (technogeek side) desires a quad-core G5, the practical logical side says iMac. What's a dual-hemispherical brain to do? :)
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    No, lol, not out of the box. My dad installed a ton of heavy-weight software on it ;)

    Motion, FCP5, DVD Studio Pro, LiveType just to name a few ;) :D :cool:

    Also, Doom 3 :) It runs OK on MEDIUM, 800x500, Shadows ON, everything else OFF. How to make it show FPS? I forgot the command :eek: And how to run timedemo?

    Cant wait to install my games on it (KOTOR, UT2004, Starcraft :D and so on)
    But I have to wait a couple of days. Dont ask why :)

    Pics later :D

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