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Discussion in 'iOS 6' started by matttye, Jun 9, 2012.

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    I'm quite easy. What I would like to see is: -

    - DLNA support (assuming this can be done via software, pretty sure it can).
    - The ability to attach photos to emails from the compose email screen.
    - The ability to send messages in iMessage by pressing either enter or shift+enter on a hardware keyboard. Having to press the touchscreen to send the message is a pain, especially when using a wireless keyboard!


    - Access to the filesystem.
    - Run any app in the background.

    How about you? :D
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    Ability for apps to share data in a secured sandbox - even from core OS API.
    (Twitter in ios 5 does not recognize websites asking to post/sign-in VERY annoying.)

    Ability to collapse email folders - many users at work have so many sub-folders it's insane! Lawyers and those in investor relations.

    I want the viewable window in which we type to show at least 3 lines below text entry. (for example quoting your pat and typing my reply is perfect on iPad, yet on iPhone I cannot see this particular sentence when typing.) aaarg!

    Ability to theme iOS: icons, menus etc.
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    A built in simple file manager and doc viewer would be awesome!

    One can dream. :rolleyes:
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    A real quick reply system like bitesms.
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    Count me in for that :D
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    There should be a feature where you can create virtual windows and assign different apps. Also it would be nice to see a brand new multi tasking feature, siri integration between various devices where you can leave your conversation on one device and continue on another. Lets hope for the best
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    Support Bluetooth profiles - especially MAP
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    I'd really like to see some form of access to a filesystem of sorts for sharing files between apps. To a degree, something already does exist. Apps that have shared files give you access to their shared files directory in the Apps tab of iTunes. Also, the photos app gives extensive access to your photos in many other apps, including the iWork suite.

    I'm all for allowing attachment of a photo to an email from the compose window (the lack of this is certainly one of my pet peeves), but I'm just saying I want more. If I have a PDF in GoodReader and a friend sends me an email asking me to send it to him, I want to be able to hit Reply, then attach the PDF, then send it. Right now, the workflow looks much the same as sending a photo. Return to the Home Screen, launch GoodReader, touch the PDF, select "mail", etc.

    While this is something that you can do with JB devices, I wouldn't hold out much hope for ever seeing anything like this native in iOS. It's just too antithetical to the core design principles that Apple has employed in the iOS UI.
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    Agreed. That's what I really want, I'm just thinking that Apple tends to do things one step at a time.. I don't expect they'll give us full access to the file system in one update :p
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    The first thing that springs to mind is being able to download/update single applications without being thrown into the home screen every time. Seriously, it amazes me Apple has not yet done this.

    Another is pull down to refresh in Safari.

    More usage statistics available, and specifically details of what apps/processes are using how much battery - I love this in Android 4.
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    Aren't there a million other threads on this...?
  12. matttye, Jun 9, 2012
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    Good point actually - that's a very annoying "feature."

    Makes sense.

    Same here, really easy to assess what's using your battery and you can make educated choices to improve the situation if you need to.

    Not on the first page so they must all be dead! People will probably be more willing to discuss it now that it's only a day or so away.


    I forgot about some of my most wanted features! ---

    - Access to commonly used settings (bluetooth/wifi etc) in the notification bar (or somewhere else that's accessible from any window; multitasking bar maybe?)
    - Widgets!
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    Do you find the cellular radio standby is the biggest battery drainer? Seems to be pretty huge on my GS3, but I'm on Three so it is always connected to HSDPA.

    If I've been using the phone a lot then it's mainly the screen that draws the majority of power, but standby it's the radio. I like to see all the individual apps that use their fair % too though.
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    I recall in iPhone OS 3.x a double-tap to jump to the bottom of the page (3GS) was possible yet is long gone.
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    When you tap the x it deletes the character to the left of the selection marker, I'd like it to delete to the right of it when you tap shift + x, like when do you fnc + delete on OS X.
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    iOS 6 would let users remove some of iOS built in app that they never use like Stock and compass app. iTunes and App store app merge into one...
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    A file system of sorts might not be that farfetched. On OS X Mountain Lion they are going to introduce saving normal files to iCloud. I wouldn't be that surprised if there was an iCloud app on iOS6 that lists out all of your iCloud documents and opens them in their respective apps.
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    Not that this matters to me much because I am always jailbroken....But I really hope they change the look of that lock screen. They really need to spruce it up a little bit.
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    Print to PDF from any app.
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    I would love like admin accounts or guest account. Maybe that's just personal. But other people in my house use my iPad and sometimes I don't like it because my email and iMessage it's log in. Other personal stuff ect. So I wish I could like log out and let them use like a guest account. Maybe ? How unlikely you guys think this is?
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    If apple would just implement the 3 most popular jailbreak tweaks, quite a few more people would be happier.

    Heck, maybe even Winterboard.

    There's a reason they are so popular.
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    fsck-y dingo

    Native OpenVPN support would be nice.
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    Yeah, its time without a signal that drains the battery. I also found that I had a nasty kernel wake lock that was keeping my phone awake for about 4 hours while the screen is off. This meant battery used by Android OS was like 12%. Apparently using a static IP solves the type of wake lock I had, so I've tried that. Hope it works!


    Another feature I'd like is Androids multitasking switcher. You get to scroll vertically between previews of apps and simply swipe to close them. Its quicker than using wiggle mode!

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