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My iPod classic is being purchased tomorrow!

Discussion in 'iPod' started by klb028, Sep 21, 2007.

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    After a long debate with myself, I've finally decided to purchase the iPod classic. The only other problem I'm having at the moment is whether I should get it in black or the new "silver." I need to buy something at Apple to allow my iPod to play in my car ('07 Jetta) because it has a built-in iPod adapter. They're bound to have whatever it is I need there, right? Is there any certain information that I need to give them or is everything pretty general and universal?
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    Congrats...you must be very excited! Is it your first iPod? I would say go with the silver since it's the new "white," but then again, black is nice too...

    As for the ability to play in the car, if it has a built in adapter, then it should probably have a dock connector on it. You may need to check with VW if you don't have it and you wanted it to be factory. Otherwise, there are other methods of playing the iPod in your car, but it seems like you are all set!
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    Gettin my classic as soon as I have an adequate money source... Hope that's sooner than later. I do have a birthday comin up though.
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    If you have a white macbook then black is going to look awkward. (i had a white ibook and black 5g)

    Get the silver. :)
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    I'm pretty sure it has everything I need. I remember the salesman saying that it was as simple as plugging it in and listening to music and it came standard in my car. I'm going to read my manual before I go to Apple and maybe even bring it in if I still don't know what I need to buy in hopes they can give me the right thing, haha! Thanks for the congrats. :)

    Zioxide - long time no talk! :) I'm leaning more towards the silver too, but the black is catching my eye for some reason. I remember looking at them in the stores the other week with my sister and the fingerprints on the black still turned me off. We'll see this afternoon!
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    Did you get it yet????

    Just look at the connector in the car...is it a dock connector?

    There are only two places on your iPod you can plug into..the headphone jack or the dock connector...if either is in your car, you should be good.

    Let us know when you get it!
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    Yes! I purchased the 80GB iPod classic in the new "silver" look. I also purchased iSkin covers (the 3 pack) as well. The thing I needed to make my iPod work in my car cost $50 at Apple and I just couldn't afford it. We stopped by Best Buy on the way home because they had told me I could find some there if I change my mind. A lady working at Best Buy showed me a Dynex cable thing that cost $13 and was guaranteed to make my iPod play. One side hooks into my headphone area and the other goes into the spot I have in my glove compartment.


    Well, I just tried one of the iSkin covers on my iPod and it's a little loose. Not too sure if I should keep 'em or return them. What do you think?
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    Tom B.

    Return them. They are for the 5G iPods, and the classic is a bit thiner and not as flat on the front.
    I'm sure there will be new iPod classic iSkins fairly soon.
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    I think I'm going to. I'm kind of disappointed about it because an employee there told me they'd still fit the new 80GB iPods nicely. Oh well!

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