My iPod Jack-O-Lantern

Discussion in 'iPod' started by J_Berg, Oct 31, 2005.

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    Just looking for someone that will appreciate my pumpkin carving...


    iPod Jack-o-lantern (Video iPod, mind you!)
    :eek: HAPPY HALLOWEEN! :eek:
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    mine isn't as cool, nor as well done, but still...

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    I could never carve pumpkins. I made a relatively good Enterprise (D) one once...but other than that.

    Oh, that looks really cool too. Nice job! :)
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    Wow, that looks awesome!!!
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    Both of you are very talented. I'll have to give it a try next year.
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    I think we should use this thread as a place to post pictures of pumpkins we have carved. I have always wanted to do an Apple-esk pumpkin, but I would probably be the only one to appreciate it. I have some pictures of pumpkins I have carved in the past, I just need to find them. I tend to spend a long time carving mine, I like to do hard designs. I like to do my own designs, but sometimes it can be fun to do a picture that people know well. Let me go find some pictures and I will post them.
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    Here is the only one I could find, I am on my girl friends computer at the moment. I knew what I had to put on my pumpkin once the Red Sox won the world series last year.

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    Wow, my iPumpkin got all moldy and rotten in just a few days. Such fleeting satisfaction. I wonder if that is covered by apple care?


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