My iPod nano 6G Turns off while playing music

Discussion in 'iPod' started by KellyV, Jan 4, 2012.

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    I just bought a new iPod and I had no problem syncing it to itunes and downloading songs. When I am playing a playlist as soon as the face fades to black the songs stop playing. It says I should be able to still have the music playing when I hit the sleep button but it also just shuts the music off. The battery shows it is charged. Have I not set something right?
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    Make sure you plug your headphones all the way in. If they're not all the way in, when the nano sleeps the screen, there's not enough power to send audio through a half-connected headphone.

    If the headphones are plugged all the way in and it's still happening, try another set of headphones. They may be damaged in some way.

    A good test to see if you have headphone problems is to see if the radio works on the nano. The radio needs to have the headphones plugged in to work since it uses it as the antenna. If the headphones aren't plugged in, the radio "app" doesn't work. This might help diagnose your problem.
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    Thank you so much. I made sure the headphones were pushed all the way in and now I can turn off the screen and the music still plays!You Rock!!

    I also wonder that I have a playlist of songs but it will play a song and then just keep playing it over and over instead of moving to the next song. Is there something I have to set up?
    Thanks again:
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    This one is easy to overlook. If you're playing a song in a playlist, get to the screen where you see that album artwork. Touch the screen and you'll get the "buttons" for Skip Back/Play/Skip Forward. Swipe the screen to the right and you'll get the 2nd page. The buttons for Repeat, Genius, and Shuffle.

    If you have a single song playing over and over, just click the left button on this screen. You'll toggle between Repeat Off, Repeat Entire Playlist/Album, and Repeat Single Song. Sounds like you have it on Repeat Single Song.

    Hope this helps.
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    Thank you , that really helps:D

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