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My iTunes Widgets from Apple

Discussion in 'MacRumors.com News Discussion' started by MacRumors, Aug 9, 2007.

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    Apple has released a web widget that allows users to embed their recent iTunes Purchases, iTunes Reviews and iTunes Favorites into their website, blog or social networking profile. The new service is called My iTunes
    To start, you need to log into the iTunes Store. From there you click "Enable My iTunes" from your profile and check of which features you want to display:

    My iTunes Purchases - The most recent music, music videos, TV shows, and movies you’ve purchased from the iTunes Store.
    My iTunes Reviews -Music, music videos, TV shows, and movies you’ve given a 4- or 5-star rating on the iTunes Store.
    My iTunes Favorites - The artists whose music you’ve purchased the most from the iTunes Store.

    The end result is the following Flash widget:

    Musical taste of David Kirk (& kids) of Tech Recipes

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  2. arn
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    Staff Member

    We've enabled this tag temporarily for people to share their itunes.

    Instructions: To embed your own into the forums, you need to get your "userid" from the Get HTML Code URL from iTunes after you've enabled My iTunes.

    Click on Get HTML Code
    Picture 5.png

    Copy the UserID from the URL
    Picture 4.png

    then use

    Picture 6.png
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    thats pretty awesome. i think it will open up a lot of people to new music. ..and fill up the pages of threads really quick.
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    Where is that?
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    After you get your my itunes page up on safari or firefox or whatever then you make it how you want it to appear then there's a button to the left that says copy code .. i think .. it the top button of the two choices.. you click that then at the end of the url is your userid.
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    Pretty sweet.
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    So now Apple likes Flash?

    How are all these widgets and the new .Mac photo gallery stuff supposed to work on my iPhone?
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    This is cool..

    It also leads me to believe flash is coming to the iPhone ;)

    [widget removed, not working]
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    I noticed that couple nights ago. Good stuff.
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    Now if only they were to put like Last.fm's recently played, it would be so awesome
    but i doubt that will happen soon enough

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    Cool, I guess -- but also limited. I wish it wasn't so focused around iTunes purchases. It would be cool if we could set it to most played songs and/or bands on iTunes. Or recently played.

    I've bought a lot from iTunes over the years, but my purchases there are NOT a good representation of my overall music tastes.

    I'll stick with my last.fm widget instead....
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    I love how Apple is really embracing Web 2.0 with Web Gallery and now this.
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    Are you guys sure you want the forums littered with these things? It's going to take forever to load the pages.
  15. arn
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    Staff Member

    Probably just a short term thing, or we may limit it to specific threads. just thought people would want to play with it

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    Mine doesn't seem to work.
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    Yeah .. mine wasn't working either.
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    Anonymous Freak

    .Mac Gallery is pure AJAX (aka "Web 2.0", as His Steveness called it,) and thus works just fine on the iPhone.

    This iTunes Widget, however, does not work on the Jesus Phone.
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    not working...

    You have to give permission through iTunes to allow your information to be shared in the widget. One you do that, it'll start working.

    You can find the setting in the account settings in the iTunes app.

    Click the Manage My iTunes button to get it going.
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    I like it... mainly because it shows Apple's not against Flash! :) Which means Apple and Adobe MIGHT be at work on a new Flash plugin for OS X... on iPhone.

    I like the choice of blue, blue, blue, or blue as well :)
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    Yeah, the widget is flash.

    no workie on the iPhone, yet...
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    Muse is awesome!
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    If this becomes widespread, I may have to break out the iPhone to do a majority of my browsing...

    This is only strengthening my resolve against Flash on the iPhone.
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    I like how you can click through someone's list and it will automatically bring you to the iTunes page for that band or song.

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