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My Little entertainment room :) 56K Warn

Discussion in 'Picture Gallery' started by Alag28, Sep 23, 2006.

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    You should post this over in the setup thread.
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    What?! No Apple computers?! :D
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    So the White Macbook doesn't count?;)
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    Whats the point of this thread? Just to show off your gear?
    I mean the room isnt even nicely decorated or anything.:rolleyes:
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    looks that way, maybe every member should have their own "look at the crap I own" threads. :rolleyes:
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    Hahaha, yeah. Its not like anything there is that amazing, interesting or unique.

    Its a messy room with some computer stuff in it. Wow!
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    Pretty much.
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    pretty much
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    ...but clean your room first.
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    Not sure which is more tedious - people posting pictures of their purchases and property or people whining about how there are already other threads as if they have their eye on some kind of internet meter and it is almost full up.

    Still, I found this picture interesting:


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    I like the Dreamcast!!!!!
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    :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

    We were all young once... :p
  15. dcv
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    Could be something to do with one of the desktop folders :rolleyes:
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    I'm sorry, but not everyone is well endowed!
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    aww I missed it but... "pretty much".

    HAHAHA at the enhanced pics. I think the poster has vanished now.
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    *falls down laughing*

    Tissues, lotiion, lube and "Lady Pics."
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    Post your personal chaos!

    Bah! my desktop is messier than yours! :D


    by the way, that "post yer setup" thread is too ga^H^H tidy for my liking :p
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    I hadn't seen the top of my desk for a decade until I decided to put up a pic on that thread... Thanks MR! (my wife thinks I cleaned it up for the visiting relatives);)
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    HAHA ditto! I love this place some times
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    that is a really cool mousepad nplima - looks like a prayer mat :)

    I must admit when I looked at Alag28's setup - it gave up some conflicting images - mirror, tweezers aren't usually the staple of a males computer domain. But there are other signifiers that clearly scream 'male' (thanks Allotriophagy :) ).

    Got to admire the honesty in these images though, posting one's setup like this - it's admirable I feel.
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    While we're at it, I thought I'd post my desktop.


    My Macbook is just behind the sex swing.
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    Little boys all over MacRumors have frantically surveyed their desktops to remove all evidence that you would be able to pull out, toss together, and imply something extraordinary in and effort to change their set up photos in the setup thread! Fun times!

    /looks around desk....
    Yeah I'm good and my "man pics" folder sits under my pictures folder. ;)

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