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My Mac Addiction continues...

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by Daedalus256, Nov 28, 2005.

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    I've added another mac to my family, a Wallstreet Powerbook G3! This thing is excellent and is going to be GREAT for what I want it to do (notetaking, just general web surfing, classic games) Best part about it? It only cost me $50 :D Also because of this Pbook, I now know one of the dudes at the local apple store a little better, haha! I plan on throwing some more RAM and a wireless card into this baby and maybe a fresh battery (or two I guess, hehe)

    And to think none of this would happen if I didn't get my Powerbook G4 earlier this year...

    Here are a couple pics!
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    That's pretty cool! I was surfing around EBay auctions for a Wallstreet for fun, old Macs are cool to collect. But I couldn't even get a fixer for that price-
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    May I ask why you need 2 laptops? :D
  4. adk
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    because they rule. and they're fun to collect.
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    I'm becoming very protective of my powerbook G4. It fell on the ground once from a 5ft height and now has a dent in it. It also almost got eaten by an elevator door yesterday. I just want something that I can take places and use to take notes, sit in bed and chat, etc, etc.

    Oh and this is a Wallstreet II right? It's a 266mhz so I'd assume so. Also, what kind of RAM does this thing take?
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    Is that the Pre-Firewire Model?

    Check out this:
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    For 50 bucks... you can't really go wrong.. Good buy..
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    Yeah it was a little hard to pass that up, especially with the local pickup. no shipping! \o/. The guy was really a nice dude and told me to give him a call if I wanted any classic games or anything. :)
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    Yeah, the Wallstreets don't have FireWire. They started putting FireWire in with the Pismo.

    This looks like a very nice Wallstreet. Looks like you got a great deal. The old PowerBook G3's are beautiful machines.
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    I absolutely adore the black look w/ the white apple logo on it, I think the design is absolutely beautiful so I'm glad I finally picked up one of these.
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    That's awesome that you got that powerbook for only 50 bucks. By the way, how did the powerbook even come up with the guy at the apple store, and why was he willing to part with it for only 50 bucks?
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    Well I saw the Pbook on Craigslist and just emailed the guy. I got to his apartment for the pick up and we got to talking for a bit and I knew he looked a little familiar. And that's how I found out that he worked at the apple store. He said I should apply because they were hiring so I did that today too. Also, there is one problem with this wallstreet, the battery is dead. Maybe that's why it was so cheap? I mean even with a dead battery this thing still could go for more I guess. Oh well it's mine now and I love it although OS9 makes me want to punch it sometimes and I need an AIM client for OS9 until I get OSX on here since the AOL AIM client is terrible and crashed constantly (even on OSX it does!). Anyone know of one?
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    Looked around for TVJab. Seems as though every working download of it disappeared off the face of the earth. I also tried a different client called AIMM which doesn't like to work either. Any other ones for OS9?
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    that's a great deal on a wallstreet, most go for much more. I was thinking about getting one as a laptop supplement to my G5, but I really wanted Firewire so I could use Firewire Target Disk Mode, so that limited me to the firewire iBooks or the pismo, and the pismos are still pretty costly, so ole limey is now mine.

    you should enjoy your laptop, Apple's notebooks from that era are tough tough tough, almost never break unless you try to. at least in my experience anyway
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    nice, I think you can even replace the processors on those machines if I am not mistaken... (cost you a pretty penny though)
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    join the club man...were coming out!!

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    My wife took over my Pizmo when I got the G4. I think it's 6 years old and still kicking.

    She says I can't have it back and I better keep it running.

    I still prefer that design over the TiBook...
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    I'm probably going to score another 128 of RAM for it, a 466mhz G3 upgrade and some other goodies for $50 from a friend. :) This thing will hopefully run OSX after that.

    I'm really enjoying the machine and I can't wait until my wireless card gets here so I don't have to have an ethernet cable plugged in all the time. It's a great laptop and VERY rugged. Like I said before I absolutely adore the black Pbooks.
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    If you've got one to spare and don't mind, it always looks cool to remove the rubberized coating and have a shiney metallic look.
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    Actually these parts I'm getting are a whole other wallstreet he's selling me for parts. So yeah I will have two.
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    I just recently got an old Bondi Blue recently...33 bucks shipped, works perfectly. I got it in the hopes that my grandma would warm up to the idea, but I'm still workin on that one, hehe. She has some homemade, 1.2 gHz, 256 RAM PC that is on its last leg. It's amazing that 233 mHz and 96 megs of RAM can outperform it, at least for internet surfing that she does, so hopefully she'll warm up to it. Until then, I've just got it sitting around, and I don't think the girl is too happy about it, even if it is at my place. I think she's worried I'll really become an apple junky, hehe. :rolleyes:
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    Thats cool stuff. I had a wallstreet for my dad before his iBook which he loved, and I really wish I never sold my Pismo when I did.

    Dont get me wrong, I love my FW800, but it just aint a Pismo. Apple just did everything right when they made that one. The twin batteries were so perfect for a day at school. You never had to worry about running out and you didn't have to carry your power adapter with you! Heck, I spend most of my time connnected to the AC's with this one. . . oh well.

    There is a powerbook army (japanese site) page with tons of wallstreet/lombard/pismo mods <....looks around for it...> but I cant' seem to find it anymore. The new look makes it a bit harder to dig around since I cant read kanji etc.
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    That's sounds really cool. I haven't talked to my friend about that 466 upgrade and another 128 of RAM but I'm hopefully getting that soon.

    EDIT: Also, is there ANYTHING I can throw in the PC Card slot for some Wifi? I bought linksys cards and they didn't work. Suggestions?
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    Google. And, you should upgrade to Mac OS X 10.2 - the max it can take w/o XPostFacto.

    I'm an expert at WallStreets. Had 2 for my main computer for 5 years, I've done so much research, it's not even funny. I had a 233MHz and a 250MHz. Looks like you have the 66MHz bus one. Haven't done any research on 'em in about a year or two, but that's what I'm thinking. You can throw in USB PCMCIA cards (I have one I could sell you), FireWire PCMCIA cards, batteries, dvds, swappable HDs, etc etc etc.

    To bad Apple didn't continue making the PB G3's case and form factor - I loved them to death.

    Oh, and for a tip of advice, be extremely careful with your screen. Both my wallstreets screen had problems. First one had a problem where the whole top scren would look like a TV w/o signal. Second one - screen turned blue and lines, just be careful. :)

    EDIT: oh, and when i say expert, don't freak out, i'm just saying i know what i'm talking about :rolleyes:

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