my mac wony load os 9.2.2 please help

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by woodsy51, Dec 9, 2002.

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    hello everyone

    haveing just got my first mac im a bit new to all this so please be patient if i sound like a compleate novice, this is my problem when i got my mac it was second hand and the hard drive was full of junk so i wanted to make a fresh start so i got the os 9.2.2 disks from my bro's mac g4 and loaded them on to mine over the top of my copy of 9 the installation went fine but when i now reset the computer as it asks after the installation it stops half way through loading the os ?????? there are 4 icons at the bottom of the page the last one is like a speeding monitor with a cross over it ?? now the computer does not seem to crash it just halts ?? any ideas ?? the computer is a beige power mac g3 266 with 128 meg of ram a pci voodoo 3 3000 graphics card ( is this the problem ??) a scsi sony cd rom drive ( not the orignal ) there are 2 hard drives one 4 gig scsi witch the os is installed on and one 6 gig pci one the system also has a a ide zip drive and the monitor is the same one as i use for my pc a hansol 710 a , so with all this info can anyone please please help me

    many thanks

    chris woods ( pc nerd lost in a world of mac's )

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