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My MacBook Air Parody

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by bluedoggiant, Feb 4, 2008.

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    So I devoted my time to make a parody of the MBA!!!! here it is:


    It's a dell laptop from like 97, its heavy as hell. Tell me what you think!!!! I couldn't even fit it in the envelope!!!
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    Haha, that's funny. The envelope clinging onto the side of the laptop like some parasite. That looks just like my uncle's laptop...
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    Nice, I think your lap muscles must be pretty strong by now :eek:
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    I had blood work taken from my right arm 15 minutes before, so carrying it with it...god d*mn i think i broke it.
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    Thanks for sharing! You made me laugh out loud!
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    Really? Even after that poor camera work? I took it with my Sony Ericsson w580i. I thought it was funny, didn't think anybody else would, but guess i was wrong!
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    Funny, but I did only watch half of it...was making me dizzy. Nice work though :)

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