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my macbook is currently full of ants! immediate help

Discussion in 'MacBook' started by Samarium, Feb 26, 2008.

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    my macbook is full of ants what do i do without damaging any of the components.
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    Are you joking? How did this happen?

    I would try and put it in the freezer to kill them, to start with.
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    How in the world did you pull that off? I have no idea how to get rid of them without opening up your MacBook.
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    i left it on my table and i just came back, i am using a hairdryer to wipe them off they come out from keyboard and from the vents! help me out
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    place a pile of sugar on the end of a table, put the MB on the other end. That will draw them all out.
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    I would keep your computer off, and just leave it alone for awhile ... there can't be anything in there that they want... so once they get board and move on you should be fine ...

    (at least, thats what my logic is telling me right now):confused:
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    damp sugar would be even better...
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    May I suggest you place your Macbook (turned off) on a table and place some honey nearby. The ants will lose interest in the Macbook and gather around the honey.
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    Ok, everything is stable now. They stopped getting out from the keys and the vents. I am scared, how should I put my computer on the freezer?
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    This is a good idea.:apple:
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    My question is... what delicious thing inside your MacBook might the ants be interested in? :D
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    You don't want to put it in the freezer; besides the possibility of damaging something, you'd be hard pressed to get dead ants out of the device without opening it. I'd stick with one of the sugar/honey ideas.
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    I will shut it down for a while. Seriously do ants can be THAT harmful inside?
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    i doubt that they will do much, let they stay :p
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    haha, this is pretty funny

    just dont let the ants go back in the macbook with the honey or sugar...that would be messy

    i dont know about fridge/freezer...youll have to watch for condensation. obviously turn it off and take out the battery...after you take it back out, wait a day or so to let it dry before putting the battery back in

    edit: just thought of this - get one of those canned air deals and blow them out of there
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    Don't put it in the freezer! :eek: LCD panels can freeze and crack.

    Do ants deal well with heat? Maybe set a Handbrake encode going, get it hot in there...
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    Run "yes" (i think it was this) in terminal and let the bastards burn.
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    At what temperature does this happen? Surely I've left my PowerBook in these freezing cold Chicago temperatures before and nothing happened.
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    Exactly, go buy FCP or something intensive (or just rip a DVD, I kid) and try to run it on your MB, that should make it uncomfortably warm. I dunno why they'd be in it though, maybe it's because it looks like a big shiny white tic-tac.
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    I killed about 3-4 in the past 5 min. They get out from the keys, vents and cd slot. Typing this i killed 3 more.
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    My girlfriend's MacBook made me LOL every time I used it. For weeks ants would appear from the crevices. Of course she lives at Starbucks and I am sure there were plenty of crumbs to sustain life. I would leave it adjacent one of those traps (just occurred that if you placed it too close they would crawl back in and then die).

    MacBook -------2 ft---------- Ant Poison -----------3 ft---------- Pile o' Moist Sugar
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    haha ... classic!!!
  24. caj
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    wouldn't that harm the lithium in the battery? or did they stop using lithium?
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    Can't you vacuum them out?

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