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My Macbook won't shut down! D:

Discussion in 'MacBook' started by MitoBEve, Oct 21, 2011.

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    Hey peoplez,
    So yeah, I'm new to the forum but ugh I swear my Macboook hates me! A little while ago it just wouldn't shut down, so I forced it to shut down, now it just seems to do it all the time o_O I've tried repairing the permissions (Always seems to be about a million permissions to repair every time), I've tried repairing the disk via the OS X install DVD (It came back saying everything appeared OK), I've EVEN tried re-installing the whole OS yet it still does it D: I know forcing it to shut down isn't good, eventually my mac will go bye-bye but I srsly need some help here o_O. Using a macbook with OS X 10.6.8 any other details about it just ask really.

    Would appreciate it if someone got back to me quickly :3.

    P.S OCCASIONALLY repairing the permissions before I shut down works, rarely.

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    Yeah I already tried the stuff that said

    It didn't even do anything :S

    EDIT: I don't usually put my mac to sleep, infact, I never have o_O what's really the benefits?
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    Instant on, not needing to shut down all applications including the open documents. Less wear on the HDD during startup.

    Since I switched I have maybe shutdown my portable Macs for less than 30 times, and that since 2004. I just use its SLEEP feature. But your SHUT DOWN problem is still a valid problem.
    Do you still have warranty or Apple Care?
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    Yeah, but how slowly does it drain the battery by putting it in sleep mode? and well I don't know really, I got it as a gift from someone so I have no idea
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    If the MB is unplugged, it uses 1% capacity per hour. But it doesn't need to be unplugged.
    This should answer most, if not all, of your battery questions:
    Apple Notebook Battery FAQ by GGJstudios

    Go here to check you warranty status via your serial number.
  7. MitoBEve, Oct 21, 2011
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    Ah I see, I might start using that instead then, when I get this fixed, and well I was just looking at the link you gave me, it's like

    "Repairs and Service Coverage"

    That expires next June, however I don't have "AppleCare Protection Plan" (Too expensive at the time I assume)

    EDIT: I THINK I just managed to do an SMC reset, while I was holding the keys down the LED on the magsafe thing turned green and went back to orange (it's charging atm) when I released the keys?
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    This isn't exactly true. Restarting clears out RAM, for one thing. Yes, I'm aware of the purge command, but most users aren't.

    And more wear on the HDD when writing a 2-6 GB sleepimage. Also, you should always save your work before sleeping the computer, just like you would if shutting down.

    Not in any way advocating never sleeping or anything like that, but saying there is no need to shut down isn't quite accurate either. I love sleep, and I use it all the time. But I find that it's helpful to restart once a month or so.

    VERY slowly. I can put my MacBook to sleep, come back in 24 hours, and it's lost maybe 10% battery charge (give or take a bit).
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    Not necessary for me.

    I disabled it, as I don't like the sleepimage, but you are correct, the standard setting is that sleepimage.

    Maybe I should have added the "IMHO" disclaimer.
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    After resetting the SMC and all this, the problem is STILL there, just have no idea what to do now :mad:
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    I've been checking the console just now, it seems to have a few odd things in it..

    "com.f-secure.clstate-periodic[521]: This system does not have a valid license key."

    I don't even use F-Secure anymore (I don't think I even uninstalled that correctly, I just shoved it in the trash) Idk why it's saying i dont have a valid license key o_O I got this macbook as a gift from a family member brand new from apple o_O

    and this,
    " smcFanControl[370]: IMKClient: exception caught trying to get the rootProxy for connection *load of other writing* NSPortTimeoutException : connection timeout: did not receive reply"

    "VMware Fusion Helper[372]: Could not connect the action buttonPressed: to target of class NSApplication"

    Not really sure..
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    Use the following steps to get rid of F-Secure:
    Best way to FULLY DELETE a program

    I have SMC Fan Control and VMWare Fusion and they don't stop me from shutting down AFAIK.
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    When you got this MacBook as a gift, had it been erased? If not, did you erase it? Whenever I get a used computer, that's my first response: erase and reinstall the OS. That way I know EVERYTHING that has been done to the system.
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    Oh, it was brand new when I got it, never been used by anyone else, normally that'd be the same think I'd do, but this was brand new
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    I see. Then just follow the steps simsaladimbamba (I always have to copy/paste that name) posted and you should be set. Sounds like F-Secure is what is holding you up.
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    You could call me "sim" or use Text Expander, that is how I write my name, namely "sim" and then that whole " simsaladimbamba " comes out of it.
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    Well, I just did that and did a reboot to make sure, it has seemed to have worked, but then I'll wait a few more hours before I try again, just to be sure it's all cleaned up, will report back with my findings!
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    Hellooow, well I still seem to be having the problem, its getting on my nerves :mad: idk what else to do o_O
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    I don't know what to suggest other than reinstalling the OS. It looks like you may be getting an issue from SMC Fan Control, try uninstalling that.
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    Just tried getting rid of SMC Fan Control, still not shutting down D:
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    Then I have no idea...
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    I'm having the same problem. Did you ever find a solution?


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    Found this on another post - GREAT!!

    Originally Posted by RedRaven571
    Whenever I have an issue and can't figure it out, I:

    1) Run Repair Disk Permissions (from Disk Utility)
    2) Delete whatever is in the caches: you>Library>Caches; your OSX drive>Library>Caches (this will require your password)
    3) restart and do a PRAM reset (hold down Command, R, Option, and P keys before the chime sounds, continue to hold until the chime sounds again and release)

    Almost always has my MBP running smooth as silk.
    My MBP was not shutting down - I was getting desperate ....
    THIS WORKED!!!!! It now shuts down very quickly, the startup is still a little slow - any advice on speeding this up?


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    First, the OP already said that doesn't work. Read my response to your post in another thread about this.
    No, do NOT do this! It will only slow your system and will not address the issue being discussed here. Again, read my response to your post in the other thread.
    Again, read the other thread. Resetting NVRAM is only used for very specific purposes. It isn't something you need to do whenever you have any problem of any kind. Learn how these things work before you recommend them.

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