My Mini died... woohoo! Apple "reliability"

Discussion in 'Mac mini' started by generik, Sep 19, 2006.

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    Wow I am seriously got to admit tha I am getting rather pissed off, out of 4 Macs I owned to date the only one with no issues was a Macbook, and that was because its a refurb.

    I only owned it for two days, and this morning I got up and found that froze, power cycling it does no good, the led just lights up and a clucking sound comes from the thing, sounds like the hard drive but then again it doesn't make any sense. Guess Apple should publish disclaimers next time saying their tofu computers can't be used to run boinc.

    They really should pay those chinese more :mad:
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    calm down, I belive you were just unlucky - if it's only been 2 days then you should be covered by (what I belive to be) 30 day buy-back insurance (dunno equivalent in english :eek: ), so just hand it back to apple and you'll have a new in within days, or so I hope.

    The macintosh machines I've used and ecountered has been without physical faults for as long as I care to remember - being in a family who by tradition runs a printing house means I've beet a good share of well designed machines (also some which I consider apple bloopers - not that many lately), so just calm down, go grab a cup of tea and relax - return your faulty machine tomorrow and wait for a hopefully better experience in the future
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    So they have a 30 day replacement policy? I always had the impression that it is 7 days.
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    i believe in 14 days you can return with restocking fee if you just dont want it, but i think for ur situation... you can get a replacement (this is for US, other country policy may vary)
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    Well I belive it's to be 30 day by law in sweden (and here I enter an area where all my know-how is moot - second-guessing with poor memory :eek: )

    edit: 14 days sounds like a possibly number too, should really ask someone who actually knows legal stuff, alas 11 pm might be the wrong time to do it!
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    Well before you go off making generalizations about what is wrong, while also disrespecting an entire culture, perhaps you should contact Apple and arrange to get a replacement system.

    It too appears to me that you have bad luck, which sucks for both you and Apple. Regardless of that fact, I have little sympathy for people that tend to overreact in the way you have currently and historically.

    Yes and no, However you should be able to get this in under a DOA issue.

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    My recommendation: call Apple, don't just take it to the store. Get your resolution worked out in advance, and get a case # which you can tell to them when you go in. That way you can talk to different people, or whatever it takes, BEFORE taking a trip to the store where there's only one person to talk to.

    Polite but firm should get you to a resolution. The person on the other end MAY have some discretion to offer you more than the rules state.

    (My recollection for the US is that they are obligated to fix it, not replace it--unless repair fails. I could be wrong. And I have never heard of minitrue :) )
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    I have almost NEVER had an Apple failure... I've had generic parts Apple uses (just like ANY computer company)... i.e., the hard disk fail... but that isn't Apple's fault.

    However, and I'm not trying to be a jerk here... if you are having that kind of issue with that many computers, it may not be luck... it might be something crazy going on with your electrical system... just might want to look into it.

    Are you getting clean power? Are you in a newer house, or an 80 year old Victorian?

    Have you tried getting someone to analyze your power outputs? 2-Prong with a 3-prong adapter or do you have a good, solid ground in the electrical system?

    I know in my old house, someone had screwed up my phone wiring when they built the home, and my 1.5MB DSL connection only got 33/35K a second, and there wasn't anything anyone could do about it... even though my neighbors got 300+K/S downloads.

    Just food for thought! :)
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    Logical thought?, that has absoloutly no place in this thread:rolleyes:
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    Not in any of these threads. ;)
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    Assuming it new..which you made it sound like because you sayed you MacBook is the only one with a problem, and thats because its have a year to have them fix(not a year minus 2 days)

    I broke my Mini the day I got it(broke the Airport wire, and somehow made the fan go full blast and Apple replaced it for free..plugged it in, heard the fan and BAM..."Would you like a free replacement" Yes ma'm..walked out with a brand new one
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    Dont Hurt Me

    Hey Generic may I ask what you were doing inside that new Mini? I remember your post on the ugly airport or something.
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    In the last 6-8 months i've never seen so many people having issues with Apple hardware... certainly not what you want to see as a potential switcher.
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    I wouldn't worry about it... people tend to post about problems... not things working perfectly. It's hard to base your purchase off the number of problems posted.
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    Considering Apple will sell now what, literally MILLIONS of Macs a year... and you hear about 20 or 30 failing on the Internet sites... :D

    yeah, I'd fret about that... lol ;)

    Apple has, even in their darkest non-money-making years typically ALWAYS had the highest customer satisfaction in the business... that doesn't happen if every 3rd computer is DOA :cool:

    (EDIT: Also, don't forget that people, including myself, tend to hold Apple to higher standards that ANY OTHER COMPUTER COMPANY... and sometimes to standards that even Apple can't meet...)
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    he said that the only computer he did not have a problem is the macbook

    it wouldn't hurt to read his thread twice (and your own) before posting
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    Ram upgrade, it's quite a bugger to get the rams swopped back again. Going to bring it out to a service centre later today. Irony is I have been there too many times.
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    How did this thread not get modded to title "flame bait"?

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