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My New 15" Squeaks!

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by Zachary, Oct 2, 2003.

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    I had my brand new 15" refuse to find the system disk after booting it as a firewire drive recently so I had to install a new OS. Ever since doing that it squeaks. Tiny little squeaking noises coming from the general under-the-keyboard area. It's like a little needle tapping and then this little digital squeaky beep sound. It only happens when it's sitting there awake. When I put it to sleep or make it do something processy (like open Photoshop) it stops. Anybody got an idea what that's all about?
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    My 15" TiBook squeeks as well. However, it only does it when I use
    Safari and I'm accessing a site using SSL.

    So far I haven't found a solution.

    Sorry this reply was....erm...useless!

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    Mine too. When I'm using safari.
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    Guys. That's scary. I think our machines are possessed by devils! I posted this at an Apple discussion too, I hope somebody knows what's going on... and furthermore I hope I'm wrong about the demons because I'm fresh out of holy water and forgot how to draw the rote of goetian binding.
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    so does mine, though only when using Safari... what the?
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    Safari is powered by little hamsters running in tiny wheels. Doesn't anyone remember thet rumor?:confused: :D
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    Big and oldschool-

    Does your Safari only squeek when using SSL on a secure site?

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    I think soo... its not now, nor has it been, since I went to SSL, what is that all about?
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    Like, for instance, mine only squeeks when I'm doing my online banking
    or ordering something online. I.E. only when things are being encrypted.

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    Crap, my hamsters are workaholics then because I'm squeaking even when running no apps at all! Only sleep or heavy processing silences it, and when I first got it it made no noise at all. It just started when I reloaded the OS.
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    its the first apple virus in a long time.

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    yeah my 17" PB has the squeeking 'deflating rodent' thing going on when I use Safari as well - come to think of it, it is only on certain sites.

    I kinda like it - its a unique feature!
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    Oh iJon don't say virus, you're gonna freak me out here.
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    my suggestion - work harder! Photoshop 24/7 = no squeak! :D :p
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    This is caused by the graphics card or CPU causing "interference" with the audio output through the speakers. If you move a window around on your screen or put a load on your CPU the squeeks should go away. From what I've heard, this problem was first noticed on the 17" AlBooks, but it looks like it's also present on the 15" AlBooks as well. From what I gather, it's usually too quiet for most people to notice, but for those that do notice it, it tends to drive them nuts.
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    Powerbook G5

    The only noise I've ever heard was whenever I use a secure site in Safari and I get one or two "Zzt" noises that are so faint that you have to strain to hear them. I was told my Apple it is from the HD because when it switches to a secure setting, the SSL server somehow does something when it switches over to a secure mode.
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    Thank you illumin8!

    That makes very good sense to me. Could you suggest a way to make this thing stop?! Because yes it is driving me batty!
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    My 17 Squeeks, maybe more of a sizzle, I bought it in April, and I havent turned it off yet, I asked apple and they said it was the graphics chip.....and not to worry....

    it's become like white noise to me....I don't even hear it anymore
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    Try running all the disk checks and the like, then try reloading the OS again. Who knows maybe something will work.
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    Mine seems to do it the most when i'm at a secure site. Although, there is some squeaking at some sites at certain times, especially if its a site thats not cached.

    Jeff, if you go into safari, open a page, then leave the computer alone, can you hear a very faint hard disk clicking or intermittent grinding noise? Its very faint...you almost have to put your ear up the the keyboard. Is this normal?
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    Yeah, mine does it too. I assume this is normal, but I'm no authority on what is :D

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    Just wanted to make sure this happens. Because i didn't think it was normal, as the hard disk should be stopped spinning...but whatever...as long as you have the same thing.
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    I don't think there's a way to make it stop except one person suggested running "top" in a terminal window, which puts a slight load on the CPU and seemed to work on the original 17" AlBooks.

    The problem is basically a design flaw. When Apple designs a notebook they have to be careful not to put certain electronic components too close to each other (graphics chip and sound card). You may have heard the interference you can get if you have a cheap PC sound card too close to your graphics card inside the case. I think it's just something you're going to have to learn to live with. iTunes is always a good way to drown out any background noise.
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    Powerbook G5

    Is this corrected with the new PowerBooks? I don't think I hear anything that isn't "supposed" to make noise. There is a really faint noise when I get really close to the case, which I believe is the HD, but it's so faint you have to zone into it, then there is that chirping noise once in a while whenever I log into .Mac or any other secure site in Safari that goes away after one or two chirps. I'm not sure if this is a "flaw" or normal, but it is really faint and only happens when I do secure web stuff, so I am not worried unless it ends up indicating a bigger issue.
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    Do like VW drivers do to drown out the rattles, and turn up the music.

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