My New iPad mounted in my car-and room

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by x-evil-x, Mar 17, 2012.

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    bought this arkon car mount for my ipad2(The case still fits the NEW iPad). thought is share some pictures. I use the iPad as my stereo but i also have a normal deck behind it for when i don't want to take the iPad with me. this was a custom job i did on my own. The same case i used in my room attached to my bed(controls my appletv and stereo). Might give some of you guys ideas its pretty awesome that the case still fits.

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    bed mount

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    do you really need a huge-ass map while driving? :)
    no offense - but your eyes should be on the road, not on the iPad
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    I've had 7" screens in my car since 2001. whats an extra 3"? I'm used to it.
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    more of the mount i made

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    More reason to get the big screen. A quick glance you'll see more.
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    comes in handy on long drives. i have 32 movies on my new iPad :D. i just just don't stare at the screen obviously that would be bad very bad.
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    anybody know of any 6 ft black charging cables that work?
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    I can't think of any state in which this wouldn't be illegal even if not "staring at the screen"
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    Nice! I'd love to have this set up in my Z.
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    having any front screen on besides navigation is already illegal. do i care? nope! Thats why factory and installed navigation/dvd players won't let you watch movies while the car is moving. But they make it super simple to bypass this. This is the step up from a normal nav screen ;)
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    don't like the arms sticking out and showing in the front of the screen much but similar to what i have :)
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    Nice man I wish I could replace my built in nav with an iPad that would be sickkk!
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    pull it out and replace it with a standard deck and do what i did so you can take it out easy. some cars the dash kit is at a weird angle and wouldn't work though.

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