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My New iPod touch

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by Oliver G, Sep 26, 2007.

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    Congratulations mate!

    But i have to say....that is the worst iPod Touch video i have ever seen! Shoddy camera angles, shaking, can't see anything on the screen ;)

    I think that there are too many endorphins circulating through your body after getting this cool little item and you just posted up that video in a euphoric/confused state. :):)
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    And just out of interest, what week did you get? 38?
  4. aft
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    I don't know if you noticed but you have a screen problem....all your widgets bring up a bright white screen!!!!;)
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    I've never seen a screen as good as the iPhones are. The iPhone screens are the best..why don't they use the same thing? The blacks are sooo dark and all the colors just pop out more. Are week 38+ touches like that? Or are they still inferior to the iPhones?
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    thats because the brightness is too high...it must be very low to capture for video.....
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    unfortunately not many youtube users know this. i have posted about a gazillion comments saying to turn the brightness down.
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    haha i know the feeling...
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    38 and the screen is fine I have just set at high
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    Good video and sweet accent!
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    I will post another video tomorrow
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    You will have to label the video a recreation of the ipod unboxing as it is simulated unboxing and not the original oobe. (out of box experience)
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    just got my Touch in the mail..and was so excited........hooked it up, made calls.....no one asks the question...What is the model of your computer?...if you have a Mac with 1.1 hubs it will not work..I tried the Belkin hubby thingy and no work and I asked two people in the Apple store....so back I go to return it because I love my iMac and not getting a NEW computer yet!! :-(
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    That stinks!!!!

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    • Internet connection
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