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Discussion in 'Web Design and Development' started by mjstew33, Dec 31, 2005.

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    Nice Rapidweaver theme there, just learn some basic CSS and HTML and tweak it to your liking :).
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    I love Rapid Weaver.:)

    My suggestion would be to look into coding the css so that the header etc doesn't take up so much space. There's a lot going on until you get to the meat-n-potatos.
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    I dig your photos, very nice stuff
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    Man, you take nice pictures!
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    I've updated a few things - added a "video." section and added a little something to the photography part...

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    Nice work, sir! :)
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    Well I didnt think much of it because I'm not much of a thinker. Aside from that it looked good and the pics were swell. The blog was a bit disappointing:p
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    Looks great. Only suggestion is to make the header a bit smaller.
    Love the photography. Keep it up!

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    Didn't load for me :(
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    I like the waterfall pictures the best. :)
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    "I've always been interested in photography..."

    "I've always been interested in video..."

    I'd change one of them, it's redundant. Sorry to be so nit-picky! But really cool site. I like the pics. :)
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    Yo whats the camera you have there? Takes a fine shot, I've emailed you!
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    He says on his site:
    "I use a Sony DSC-W7 digital camera - These pictures were taken with a 4MP Panasonic camera."

    :confused: :confused: :confused:
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    Those pictures were taken with a 4MP digital camera... now as a replacement I have a DSC-W7. ;)
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    heh! i changed that in the update i was supposed to load. Hmmm.. maybe i deleted it somehow. i know i loaded it... :rolleyes:... i'm off to fix :eek:

    RossoUK: I never got an e-mail. I think there is a problem with the e-mail fields. If you want, just email matt [aT] mjstew [dOt] net
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    Ok - this is embarassing, but how the heck do I do that? Anyone care to help?
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    Is it possible have a high res version of the photo in the blog's heading? It's awesome!

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    Are you even getting anything directly sent to that e-mail address? I told you before that the problem is that you probably enabled both redirecting to your other e-mail address AND made that an account. I'm pretty sure you can only do one or the other. I don't think you can receive messages in webmail AND have them redirected to another e-mail address. Try what I said before and set a catch all address which forwards to your outside e-mail address. If you can't do it (it's kinda complicated) I'll try it for you.
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    No, sorry. That was part of a theme. :(
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    Ok... this email address is just one that I made real quick from the website's cPanel. I did change it though.
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    Nice changes! keep up the good work :)
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    Me, I liked your site a lot; very clean and uncluttered with unnecessary 'stuff'. And awesome photographs.
    If you are REALLY looking for constructive feedback (not to be confused with carping criticism), may I point out two typos?
    In your Photography page, you have in the blurb " ---- Here are a few pictures I took in Hawaii. I just took a few out - to many." It should be too many.
    Similarly, in the Video page, you write " ----- because most of the movies I do are either: to big to put on the site". It should be too big.
    Picky comments, maybe, but I hope you appreciate I am trying to be helpful.
    I hope you get to do some more. And Happy New Year.
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    Thanks - I'll change them now. :)

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