My new wheels.

Discussion in 'Community' started by sandmann41, Jul 12, 2004.

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    Kona Stuff



    Just got back from my first ride. I'm really liking it.
    Definitely will help out with continuing my weight loss.

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    good lookin' ride. but hate to break it to you, most of the guys i dirt jump with or ride urban with are some of the most out of shape guys i know. you're not gonna get your heart rate up to anyting near fat burning level.

    what kind of riding are you doing with it?
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    I'm not really using it for dirt jumping.
    I got that one since it is more durable and is stronger.
    I definitely had my heart rate up to fat burning level during my ride yesterday. I thought I was goign to die, lol.
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    im sure its better than sitting on the couch.
    nice bike.
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    Sharp bike! :)
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    I started going to the gym again recently too. Damn I am hurting, lol.
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    Speaking of working out, I need to work out...All this sitting on my butt, studying, and eating home cooked meals is going to get to me. It's not like when I'm at school, when I walked a few miles a day to and from class and eat semi-edible food very sparingly.

    I can feel that I've gained a bit of weight in the last month...Ugh, I should really work out a bit so that I'm not even more out of shape when my girlfriend visits in August.

    Anyway, nice bike! Enjoy it!
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    if you're gonna use that for anything like cross country or commuting, i'm sure you'll lose some weight, cause that's really not what that bike is built for... that's kinda like a hummer cruising around downtown, same kind of mentality.
    i've been eying that frame for a while now... i've put my kona hahanna through lots of heavy downhill riding, a bit of dirt jumping, and lots of big drops around town, and i really don't know how much more it can take. (although, unlike aluminum, it has limited fatigue and could potentially last forever). granted the frame and shifters and derailers are the only things left stock, but the frame is very skinny... i don't have much faith in it, especially after seeing my friend crack the same frame a couple years back.
    The stuff looks nice and beefy, but i'm really not a dirt jumper and i like having a bike thats practical for around town. If i could have two bikes, i'd probably just keep this one the way it is and get a stinky or something for when i go downhill riding, but that's expensive.
    What i might consider though, is getting a Hoss frame, which has the same type of tubing as the dirt jumper bikes like the stuff, but in more of a cross country geometry... i'd just need to get the smallest size possible (i think like 17", but that's okay cause i'm 6'2") for downhilling.

    Whether you're using this bike for what its meant for or not, at least you're not f***ing up the planet at the same time. in fact you're doing a favour by being proud of a beefy looking bike instead of a beefy looking truck.
    I'd much prefer a $25K car and a couple $3K bikes (one for all occasions!) than a $40K SUV.
    Rock on dude!
    and what size is that frame?
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    get and endless lifetime. they're hand welded steel frames, made in north carolina. absolutely beautiful and totally bombproof. i've seen 6 foot drops to flat riding urban, those frames rock.
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    But since I don't have the money (yet) I started with the bike:

    Rocky Mountain Blizzard (98): XT all around, RaceFace Cranks, and a few Ti goodies. Seen a few years, but still one of the finest CroMo hardtails money can buy.
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    Sun Baked

    Moderate excercise has more fat burning capacity than sitting on the couch sucking down Cheetos.
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    well of *course* it does. but a bike like that, specifically designed with dirt jumping and urban riding in mind, isn't the first thing that comes to mind when people think 'riding bike to lose weight'. though if he's gonna pedal that thing around trails he'll lose more weight than i do on my 22lb hardtail
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    nice ride, man. can't beat a good sturdy steal hardtail. i'm looking to get one (not neccessaruly rocky) as soon as i have some cash to swap between my cannondale. i love the ride, just a little stiff for some stuff.
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    Wow, nice bike. How much did that cost, if you don't mind me asking? My bike ('97 Schwinn Frontier) is really starting to show its age, so I'm maybe looking to upgrade.

    On another note, what kind of riding do you do normally? Those tires look horrible for the city. A couple months ago, I put road tires on my Frontier, and the ride's been so much better ever since. If you do a lot of urban riding, you might want to make the investment.

    Happy trails!

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