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My New WhiteBook 2.4 :D

Discussion in 'MacBook' started by cudo, Feb 26, 2008.

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    hi, i have just placed my order for my very first macbook :D hmm..estimated delivery 28th of feb..so nothing left ..just wait :D

    cannot wait..i got all the bits on my PC ready to transfer to macbook..so excited !:apple:

    with student discount in uk plus apple care 760 quid
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    Are u Polish as well!? well, witamy na macrumors ;)
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    i will mate, no worries but i need to get it first..but ill be happy to do any tests..
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    polish and proud :D
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    im not asking you to harm your Macbook in anyway but i was wondering if it looks like the same material as the old MB that will scratch easily. I just noticed on the apple website they are really selling the fact that its made out of polycarbonate.
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    Is it just the macbook pros that have the multitouch trackpad or the macbook pro and macbook?
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    MacBook Pro and MacBook Air have the Multi-touch, regular MacBook just has the scrolling trackpad (recognizes 2 fingers for scrolling and right-click) like it has had forever.
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    i ordered mine today too..hopefully get it tomorrow
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    these updates are great and congrats on the purchase. sometimes i wish i had a mb but i guess my mbp will do ;)
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    bought 2 MacBooks

    I bought my first mac Sunday & mentioned to the rep about rumored update's for today & he assured me nothing was coming out. Then I got a phone call this morning from him telling me about the new MacBooks. So technically I bought my second MacBook today. I just couldn't believe he called me, must have felt bad I guess. Still counting down...
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    just got mine today after I had to drive 30min to the FedEx Facility because they messed up the address and sent it back. I Overnighted it and could not wait knowing it was in my reach. Its my first mac and its a very inviting and awesome experience, I cannot believe I waited till now. I hope to contribute to the community as a new mac user.
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    I hate you all. I spent $1500 last July on a 2.16g blackbook. I thought I was cool now all you whitebooks will smoke me! :(
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    Is this revision of MB penryn based?
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    c'mon dude, if you buy your mb today. are you gona hate all the ppl who buys redesigned mb in June again?
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    You'll love it!

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