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My Old Computer Set-Up- From Around '87/'88

Discussion in 'Picture Gallery' started by duncyboy, Nov 20, 2008.

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    A ZX Spectrum 128K http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sinclair_ZX_Spectrum , Kempston joystick and tape recorder for games

    A Halifax Litte Saver moneybox

    Tomy Water Game

    He-Man wallpaper (lower, left-hand wall)

    Portland Bill curtains

    A really old Thorn black and white TV- note the dial tuner and hoop aerial :D

    And the majority of the books under the desk were my Asterix books which I still have and cherish

    I love nostalgia, me
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    and a kemston joystick :p
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    God, that photo brings back memories. I think I had the same wall paper when I was 3.

    Those were the days. I had a Memotech 128


    NAME RS 128
    TYPE Home Computer
    ORIGIN United Kingdom
    YEAR 1984
    CPU Zilog Z80 A
    SPEED 4 MHz
    RAM 128 KB (up to 512 KB)
    VRAM 16 KB
    ROM 24 KB
    TEXT MODES 40 x 25 / 32 x 24
    GRAPHIC MODES four modes, maximum : 256 x 192
    COLORS 16 maximum
    SOUND 3 voices / 6 octaves
    I/O PORTS RGB, Joystick (2), Cardridge, Tape, Audio, Centronics, RS232, Bus

    Now that was a piece of true power.
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    How snappy is safari on that thing?
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    As snappy as a dead snapping turtle :rolleyes:
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    It looked something like this, from Wikipaedia Commons:

    Attached Files:

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    It can play Crysis though yeah?
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    I was always an Amiga guy but my mate had an ST. I remember the bee mouse cursor!

    The only game we ever played on it was Night Hunter. Classic! :)


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    ahhhh, those good old times ... snief
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    I wasted hours on the ST when Sim City appeared. Something called Arctic Fox as well.
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    Beautiful! Amazing to think all that processing power in the photo can be emulated and stored by a nano-particle of what sits on our desktops now :eek:
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    i had this setup around 84-85. [​IMG]

    my 87-88 setup was a generic 286.
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    Great stuff! I think by time 87/88 rolled around I ditched my Atari 800 and was playing Nintendo 24/7. Didn't get my next computer until 1992.

    i also had a tiny B/W TV! do kids these days even know that existed? :eek:
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    My nephew's ten and I had to show him half a dozen pictures and videos online to convince him that games came on tapes back then. I don't think he's ever even seen an audio tape before, let alone the likes of Dizzy or School Daze or OutRun etc!

    He'll probably be 20 by the time I've convinced him about the floppies I had for my Amiga! :D

    Wish I had a photo of my old Amiga set-up too :(
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    I still got my Atari 800XL. I have 2 drives for it...one is not in the picture. I also have an an atari 1200 baud modem too :)

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    I have fond memories of my 800XL, with a single FDD and a letter quality 1027 printer. An LQ printer at that price was unheard of in 1983 although the letters didn't always line up perfectly.
    I remember dos 2.5 was actually better than dos 3.0 and was in demand.
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    Ah yes I remember that printer. I think I had a Panasonic 1080i or something like that. It was a 9-pin. I ended up with something called SpartaDOS. That was wicked :)

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    Remember these? :cool:

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    that gives me horrible flashbacks of highschool.... and loderunner
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    I had a 600XL. All my mates had Spectrums and C64s but I got the Atari because... it looked nicer! I was forking out £30 for cartridges when my mates were paying pennies for their tapes - but it looked nicer. Atari were the Apple of their day in that respect...

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