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My Perfect Case - a folio case with pen slot and sleeve that it will fit in

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by menza, Apr 29, 2010.

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    Just like it says. I am looking for a folio styule case with a slot for a pen. And, because I am hard on my stuff, a sleeve that the folio case will fit in. Does anyone have any ideas.

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    I preordered The Wallet. It has space for two pens, cards, and a phone. If you decide you want to preorder it to you have to wait a short bit, they need to rework the preorder system. :p
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    I also pre-ordered the wallet. As far as what your looking for, it was the only one that I could find that filled the same criteria. Very few iPad cases have slots for pens from the lot I looked at. The wallet was the only one in fact that I could find with a stylus spot in addition to the other features. Alas it seems I'll have to wait until they ship in June to take advantage of such features. Cheers
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    Why would you need to carry a pen in the ipad case? If you're going to be using paper to write with, why not carry the pen in the legalpad folio?
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    I always carry a pen with me, just a handy thing to have in too many situations not to have it.
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    But if you're going to carry your iPad case in a bag...why not jsut put the pens in your bag? I carry pens too, but it just seems like too much of a swisstool putting pen slots in my tablet case.

    Just my opinion tho. to each their own.
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    The pen holder wasn't a big selling point for me, just something cool. :p
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    Incase iPad Bag

    I found this one from incase.... It looks like one of their laptop bags, but smaller and made to fit ipad. It has room for some small accessories, and will fit your ipad with a rubber backing style case too. It has handles too.
    Looks promising for my needs....
    Also, I have been looking for the pen holders because there is a thing called a 'pogo' that is a pen made to write on the ipad. They're really handy for jotting things quickly instead of typing. Also for making little sketches, etc.

    so, :p to those against penholders in ipad cases!

    Here is the link for the incase:
    Incase Nylon Sleeve

    Pogo Stylus

    Happy Hunting.
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