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My Pics. Enjoy!

Discussion in 'Picture Gallery' started by macfan76, Apr 10, 2004.

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    This one I took in New York. Modified in Photoshop.
    This thing I found in my backyard. I liked the focus.
    Also in New York in my grandmothers backyard. With my brother.
    Mmmm... Indian Corn.
    This is an interesting one I took of champagne on the living room table. I used Glowing Edges in Photoshop.
    I had a day off of school and I was bored. I really liked the way this turned out. I have translucent chess pieces and made them glow with a red light I had.
    Valentines Day Roses. I call this one "send me a rose." :)

    Hope you like them! :D
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    I really like that one! :) :cool:
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    Thank You! :D
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    Links don't seem to be working now though :( I'm getting this:
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    I also like the taxi one. I also like the chess.

    I want them now! :D

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    Yeah, I get that too. I'm hosting them on my deviant art account. If that happens, just press refresh once and that should solve the problem.
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    you have an excellent sense of composition and balance. that's fundamental. i like the taxi shot as well, and the peppers shot is clean enough to be stock photography, for sure. Is photography just a hobby or are you going career with it?

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    Wow, thank you so much. :D It really means a lot to me. I love photography as a hobby and I wish to become a professional Graphic Artist/Photographer one day. I am still in school and love taking pictures with my Nikon N65 and my digital camera. This summer I wish to find a job to do a little photography. Again, thank you for the compliments. I will post more up soon. Talk to you on the forums! :)
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    Photoshop v. iPhoto


    Wonderful pics.

    I just started taking pictures and printed out a bunch from iPhoto. The color seems to be inconsistent and b&w pics are not truly b&w (supposedly iPhoto doesn't limit the number of colors enough, and it shows up when printed).

    Is there a reason why you chose Photoshop?

    And what do you think of iPhoto?
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    Thanks. It's just that I am so comfortable with using Photoshop. I love iPhoto, though I just organize my photos in that program and edit them in Photoshop. When tweaking my photos there’s nothing else that compares to Photoshop. I feel iPhoto is somewhat limited in that perspective. Take your B&W situation, I know what you mean, all you have to do in Photoshop is to convert it into Grayscale. No problems. If you can get a hold of a Photoshop CD somewhere I would DEFINATLY suggest it for someone that is very interested in Photography. For the casual user the features in iPhoto do just fine.
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    More :D :
    I love this shot. I was so lucky, I found this dragonfly on top of a car antenna. I had like 3 seconds to take this shot.
    Little bit of nature for ya. Dew Drops outside in my backyard.
    Living in Florida, not so unusual. Taken by a local park lake.
    My dog under the Christmas Tree. Ok here is goes, Awwwwh...
    More of those stinkin chess pieces...

    PS: If you cant view the enlarged image, press refresh. Enjoy!
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    Yeah I Like Photography

    Hey I Got A Sony Cyber Shot. It's Friggin Awesome. Anywho I'll Put My Pics On Later See Ya :cool:
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    cool cool
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    I still get the error. I tried to find it on the website but no luck. I would love to use that taxi picture on my desktop if you wouldn't mind. Any other to get the picture?
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    I am sorry about that. I am in the process of uploading all of my pictures to my other site that's more reliable. For the meantime, I uploaded the full size Taxi Pic for you here. Oh and please use my picture for your wallpaper! I encourage it! Enjoy! :D :D
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    Awesome dude. Thank you so much. You just made my day. Keep the pictures comin!

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