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My Portenzo case.

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by iamerwin, Jan 19, 2011.

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    Long time forum lurker. Thanks to everyone who posted about the Portenzo case as upon reading on here introduced me to the Portenzo case.:D

    After waiting the longest time, i finally received it.

    It's great! well...everything except that fact that is doesnt fit properly.:mad:

    am i doing something wrong? i have an ipad 16gb. Placed it in pushed in all corners in. Once that is done, my ipad suddenly pops up slowly and sticks out/falls out at an angle.

    I thought Portenzo case are supposed to secure the ipad in tightly? Can any one confirm as i am wondering if its just mine.

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    definitely email Darin explaining your problem!
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    Jeez. There customer service is wicked. Got a reply saying they will ship by friday! Very excited! I love the one i got, just wised it fit properly. cant wait to show my boss a working version! We are about to order alot :)

    Bigbro, does it fit snugly and or tightly? Super curious!And did yours come with portenzo stickers? ive been seeing them around and want one lol
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    My first one came with the sticker preinstalled and included an extra, but mine also didn't fit flushly against the bamboo so they sent me a replacement. With the replacement I got everything except the sticker on the inside or an extra sticker. My new Portenzo fits snugly. I'm happy they emailed you back that fast. Their customer support/Darin is extremely fast and awesome.
  5. bb88, Jan 19, 2011
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    My Composition is similar to yours........the corners of my composition is quite loosen now after the first week i received and my ipad will gradually fall off from composition when i flip over the case; and my Alano just very tight till now and doesnt has this problem. I emailed Darin and he asked me to send it back for the replacement but since i live in Asia, shippment fee is a big issue(over $20 one-way).......and of course he didnt take care the shippment for the replacement. So for the win-win situation for both of us, i asked him to offer me a discount on my third order but then he never response although i had sent him at least five emails........bad aftersales service!!!! Now i use a foam sticker to stick at the upper two corners to add the thickness in order to secure my ipad at my Composition!!! enclosed is the photo of the foam sticker and the video of the falling.....


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    I'm sorry but Darin is only one person! There are probably a thousand or more Portenzo owners and he has to deal with all of them. Give him another 2 days then email him nicely. And please remember that he is loosing money by having to make a brand new case and ship it free to you. Over all I think your post seems very rude and doesn't give Darin enough credit for what he and his team does.
  7. bb88, Jan 19, 2011
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    i have to admit that Portenzo craftmanship is great..........and my another case Alano is still great and tight to hold my ipad ; remember he did claim that his case will secure the ipad but as my video, my ipad fell from it within a week! as a customer, should i spend the shippment as half the value of the case for the replacement for only using a week? for dodocase, they will send a replacement to me first with a returning packing for the defected one send back to them!!(to Asia) and i did ask for an alternative way......order one more case from him with a discount but then he never response to me anymore! i think 5 e-mails already enough to get his attention and as a customer i am not going to beg him anymore!!!
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    Sir or Ma'am,

    I understand your frustration and even more since you explained yourself, but this isn't middle school. By this I mean with all the exclamation marks it seems like you are yelling. If it gives you an incentive remember I'm only 14 but have better grammar and manners. Now please if you are desperate just email him one last time, explaining clearly, your predicament and he'll help you. Team Portenzo is the best and will do anything to make their customers happy, so please just stay civilized.
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    ok......thx for your advise then!!! i will try to e-mail him one more time........and sorry for my grammar as english is not my native language though!!
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    I understand. I didn't mean to say grammar. Certainly though e-mail him once more because even after sale he's usually great at replying extremely fast.
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    I e-mailed them when I ordered my Portenzo months back about when I could expect it to be shipped. It took a few days for Daren to respond. The case is awesome though. I have the composition one. I'll only buy Portenzo iPad cases.

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