my poster's bigger than you poster!

Discussion in 'Picture Gallery' started by kingcrowing, Dec 3, 2005.

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    This is really cool, its called rasterbation (funny... I know, but thats what its called) it takes a pic and blows it up super big (up to 20m) and prints it with dots, so you step back and it looks perfect, its really sick...

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    Neat. :D

    I really need to get another digital camera. I'm missing out on all this fun MacRumor's posting goodness. :(
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    There is a thread in here with way bigger :cool:
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    *GASP* Where???? I was gonna make a bigger one, but I A) don't have enough room in my room and B) 36 sheets of paper and a ton of ink is plenty :-/ but I'll make a bigger one eventually, maybe put it at my school somewhere
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    Isn't this what happens whenever you take a photo with a low MP count and blow it up too big? The dots are just like pixellation. Doesn't sound that innovative to me. Do I not understand something correctly? :confused:
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    When that happens, the photos look like crap. This basically takes the photo and makes it into a giant halftone.

    Damn I wish I had my camera, I have a 6x5 (sheets of paper) James Bond rasterbation at home, and a 4x4 of jim morrison here in my dorm.
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    Actually, I have a really big one of me and my wife. I just havent taken the time to put it all together and I need a really big wall. Its not quite as big as yours, but its landscape orientation which makes it seem a bit larger to me, i guess.
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    Here's a picture of the posters in my classroom (unfortunately all PC's except my iBook)
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    Here's my rasterbation:


    Cutting them, taping them, and then putting them up onto the wall takes a lot more time than I thought. :eek: I also think black and white looks a bit better.
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    Ooooooooh that color one looks awesome :-D

    I'd only fret as it would drain ink on my printer SOOO QUICKLY!

    Also, Photo Mosaics are sweet... there are some great programs for those too
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    The colour one look really nice.

    I have a few that I did several weeks ago. The good ones are of Bjork while the others were from my concert photos and there is to much solid black which made it impossible for me to piece them together.

    At some point next quarter I will try to screen print a smaller one. Probably try to do a flush? pull (several colours on the screen and using just one pull motion).

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