My Powerbook Is Crap

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by mikeey138, Oct 28, 2003.

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    Hi there,

    My powerbook is crap... apple sent me the biggest lemon EVER. white spots, broken latch, dead dvd drive, 1.5 horu battery life on full charge, runs SO HOT and is basicly a horrible machine. I've been trying to call apple all day to talk to someone helpful but no ONE is!!! If anyone here works at APPLE please help me to get a new computer. I'm speechless, I bought the computer through apple store online and am being treated as if I didn't even purchase the product from apple.

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    wow that is bad news!

    Jesus, I am sorry to hear this about your APPLE purchase.

    I recently bought the 1.25 and hated it.

    Bad latch, too much heat and video refresh was crap!

    I think that the new Alu books are the worst powerbooks ever.

    I sent it in and APPLE sent it back saying that it was working within specs or parameters.

    Now that is a pile of crap.

    So, I went out and bought a GOOD old Ti 1 giger and am a happy man again and its faster than the Alu, now with Panther it screams...

    I am disputing the Alu purchase and my creditcard with get my money back because the sellers didnt want to take a return, much like APPLE.

    I find it really SAD that APPLE is acting like this with you, it makes the experience only so much worse for all of us!

    But what the hell are we going to do, go to WINblows?

    I say keep fighting with APPLE.

    I found out that there are many levels of returns and repairs and you have to keep sending it back in!

    You do have a one year warranty on the unit, so they have to keep taking it.

    Keep sending it until they fix it.
    The sqeeky wheel gets the grease.
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    No problems here, I have a TV PCI card for my PC and it broke in the first 2 weeks, took it back to wear I bought it, they tested it and gave me a new one. Same thing happend with my DVD drive and Zip Drive. took no longer than 20 minutes to get a complete replacement.

    Pitty apple don't value there customers that much. As seen by the trouble you and many others are having getting faulty products replaced.
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    No problems here either with my 4-day old PB 1.25. Purchased during Night of the Panther; battery life = 3.5 hours, latch works fine, does not get too hot. One inconspicuous dead pixel near the bottom center. Haven't tried video output but it's been put through a lot already by my eager self.
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    I'm glad to see someone finally giving the good old 1 Ghz TiBook some recognition for being a solid machine. The only problem I've encountered with mine is the right front casing below the optical drive has a millimeter gap. I'm not complaining.
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    if you read the second post closely, the person DID NOT BUY THE MACHINE FROM APPLE. They bought it from a THIRD PARTY. this 3rd party would not accept it as a return. It is not Apple's job to accept a return of an item they did not directly sell.

    You don't take your Chrysler to Detroit to return it, you go to the dealer you purchased it from. Same for any other consumer good.
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    wow so there are issues with the al books? are these isolated cases or is this a general problem?

    the TiBooks are better?
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    this is the first i've heard of that... but i do LOVE my blue TiBook. Only a G5 2.0Ghz+ could convince me to get rid of it, in a laptop, that is.
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    Put down your phone and stop calling people. Find an authorized reseller who handle repairs, and bring it in. It's still under warranty, they'll send it away and either fix all the problems or give you one that works.
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    I agree, making a personal apperance always works wonders.
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    I have the same computer as you and also have the gap in the same place. Mine is a little loose. Is your's loose or just a gap?
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    No gap under my optical drive on my 1Gig TiBook. Works like a dream. Rev A products always make me a little nervous.
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    my powerbook is functioning perfectly. i couldn't be happier with it. don't scare people into thinking that all powerbooks are like yours (sorry about your situation, by the way).
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    I don't have Rev A.

    I have a 1GZ Ti Powerbook with Superdrive.
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    Powerbook G5

    My 1.25 GHz Aluminum PowerBook has been awesome since the day I got it delivered from Apple. I'm sorry to hear about your lemon, but in my experience, Apple has been really good about replacing defective hardware.
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    apple will not replace your computer so dont ask for that. all you can do is send it back and they will replace every part that is broken.

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    However many Apple Authorized resellers have contracts with Apple for defective units in which Apple will replace, also AppleCare takes care of everything.
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    apple does not reaplce machines, if you dont like the machine you can return it for a restocking fee. if it is broken you can have it sent off or fixed in house, but you can never hand it back to them and say i dont want a broken one, get me a new one off the shelf. Only way apple will replace a machine is if its to their benifit, which is next to never.

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    apple ed policy

    education resellers are able to get apple to doa products w/n the first 30 days of purchase. the one on my campus had to deal with 5 machines (1.25 'books) that were doa by apple support.

    one more advantage to be an education customer
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    Powerbook G5

    My Lombard series PowerBook G3 arrived with a power inverter problem and Apple replaced it with a brand new one shipped priority air to me without raising any fuss besides calling tech support to tell them I had the problem.
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    Not quite correct. There are often times when Apple has sent someone back a whole new machine. This is most notably the case in stated like California, which require a complete replacement of a unit if the same part is defective 3 times. But when you bring in your machine to get fixed, it is often less costly for them to just provide a new machine than fix it, because they have to pay a techie labor costs, assembly machines don't get paid by the hour. :p
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    like i said, only when it benefits apple, which is hardly ever.

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    Or when the law tells them to.
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    hey iJon.... do you work for apple or something? You sound like one of the angry customer care people I original talked to who said they would NOT replace my machine.. and that's NOT as in capital, the guy yelled at me then hung up!! talk about customer care? what's up with that? Anyways, I must have spoken with the right person and apple is now replacing my machine no questions asked, all I did was mention the white blotches and boom i have a new computer. iJon, don't be so negative.. working at apple can't be that bad.

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    i dont work at apple, and i am not being negative. apple next to never replaces a machine upon request, and i doubt they did it because you asked for it, they felt it would be better to give you a new machine. apple almost always just fixes what is wrong.


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