My Powerbook is Dead

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by obrien234, Nov 1, 2006.

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    So I've got a powerbook G4, thats 8 days past its warranty. Conveniently, it now won't turn on. It won't wont boot from CD. If I turn it on, I get a gray screen that usually just turns my computer back off, if thats not the case I get a screen that shows the finder icon and a question mark and then turns off.

    All it will do is boot into open firmware mode. Currently the install disc is inside of it and I've tried booting the cd using "cd:,\\tbxi" and "dir hd", and it can't open both. Does anyone know how to wipe the HD, and start the installer using firmware?

    Otherwise, I think I'll have to take out the harddrive and plug it into an external case and then wipe it.
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    I would try calling AppleCare, even though your warranty just expired. Can't hurt.
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    Already called the store, they said that since it was 5 days past (at the time) that there is no way that they would fix it.

    P.S. It did go in to get some stuff fixed in August, you think I could tag it onto that one and still have it fixed?
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    Not even the"new world" interface?

    Have you tried holding down option (alt) at boot, it should work with the boot DVD but otherwise I'd try booting from another Mac using Target mode (apple-T on the other Mac) and a Firewire cable.

    You could try mounting your PBook hard drive in Target mode on another Mac.

    It would answer a couple of questions (if you don't already know this).
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    Is that exactly the command you used, or was it boot cd:,\\tbxi ?
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    Yeah, I tried booting up holding the Option key. It just freezes the screen and then I have to shut it off.

    Sorry, i was in a rush but I meant "boot cd:,\\tbxi", also what is the target disc mode you guys are talking about? I understand the idea of holding down T while my computer starts, causing it to act like a disk (this doesn't work, just get a black screen and then it shuts off), but is there a way to do it typing the commands from another computer hooked up to it?

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    now the hard drive is making a clicking noise...

    should i just most likely buy a new one, or is this one still saveable?
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    Buy a new one. That drive is dead.
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    Raising the Dead

    Ok, so I bought a new drive, my question is this:

    Will I be able to boot from CD, with the new harddrive just physically installed? The install CD is already in there, so being able to just install would be wonderful.

    If not, I have an external case that is for a 3.5". Would that work, or do I need an adaptor?
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    Compile 'em all

    Theortically, you should be able to install OS X just fine by booting from the CD. Just like a normal clean OS X install.

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