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My powerbook rocks (literally)

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by tuartboy, Sep 15, 2005.

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    Does anyone have any problems with ALbooks rocking on flat surfaces? mine rocks pretty bad on the front left and back right feet. It gets really, really annoying when I'm out and about and using it, and I'm at my desk hooked into a keyboard and mouse less everyday.

    Any suggestions? Replacement feet or something?
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    Read this:
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    I find many times that it's the surface that's uneven, not my Powerbook.
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    It's pretty consistent here.

    And I don't want to bend it. Sounds a little crazy to me.
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    I have my 12" PB and every time I go out with it I have to bend it back to its original shape. I mean, I even have problems inserting DVDs because of that. Just grab the damn thing very hard and twisted it back lol.
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    Replacement feet might do some good... the best I've found are these
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    When this happens to my PB, I don't bend it as described in the website above (that would be too scary!)--I just press down firmly on the opposite corners as it's resting on the table (the corners that are not stable). I do this with the screen open, and for me I press rather firmly with one finger on the screw above where the power cord connects, and simultaneously with one finger on the front right corner. Usually this takes care of it for awhile. I have heard that some people have had luck getting it fixed at the Apple store under warranty/Applecare, but from what I've read, usually it's an actual warping of the metal (heat) that is the problem, so replacement feet may or may not help.

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