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My Questions about the 5g's battery

Discussion in 'iPod' started by jkelly888, Dec 28, 2005.

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    i have some questions involving the battery on my Black 5g 30gb ipod.

    1. i have the wall charger adapter. can i leave my ipod plugged into that overnight?

    2. on the charger, the part that plugs into the wall can be removed. is it safe to use my computers charger cord to plug into the adapter?

    3. when i gotr my ipod, i didn't leave it plugged in for 3-3.5 hours like the manual says to. but the ipod showed the fully charged icon. should i expect my battery life to be lower than it should?

    thanx in advance
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    1. Yeah. totally.

    2. Yup! Apple's chargers are nifty little things.. you can remove the end and plug in an extension cord, use the international plug set.. It's one of the little details on Apple products that make them that much nicer.

    3. All Apple products have a little bit of charge in them when they leave the factory. Just fully charge it next time you plug it in. If you notice any bad battery behavior, just drain the battery all the way to 0 (until it sleeps) and charge it all the way back up to 100% (overnight or so)

    enjoy your iPod!:)
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    thanx for the help. i always charge it to full power but it just seems i get less than what i'm supposed to get. i'm also factoring in my video watching

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