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My review on Gelaskins

Discussion in 'iPhone Accessories' started by Olivia23, Jul 6, 2010.

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    First of all, I want to say I have ordered from Gelaskins before when I owned my Droid and I had no issues then.

    I ordered from Gelaskins for my iPhone 4 last week, and I received it today. Everything looked good until I put the skin on my phone.

    The main problem I had with the skin was that after I put it on the back of my phone, there was a clear skin overlapping the bottom of my phone, so I had to cut it off. Also, when I put the skin on the back of iPhone, there was some wrinkling or some time of bubbling in the skin which I had to work out by pushing my fingers against the skin on my phone. Also I thought when they said they covered the side, that they also meant the top and bottom, but it's only the left and right side it covers.

    Another problem was the wallpaper they sent me to download. First of all, I used my own photo for the skin on my phone, and it was not blurry. The photo wallpaper they emailed me for me to download was very blurry, and it did not have the title that I uploaded. I know the title was on the wallpaper because when I received the skin, it had the title on the fake wallpaper skin, so I was not happy about that.

    Also I am having some of the issues with the flash showing the photo brighter on the left side when I take a picture using flash, but it doesn't always do it so I don't know why. I did use a black Sharpie on the inside of the hole and the outside around the flash cutout. Also I cut the skin in between the camera lens and the flash hoping that would help. It may have helped some, because like I said it doesn't do it all the time. I may have to go back and cut the hole a little bigger.

    I do own a black bumper, and I have not tried it with the skin yet. I am curious to see if it will peel the bumper. I think it will because it's such a tight fit, and it did peel the back of my Zagg invishield on the back of my iPhone.

    Overall I do like the way the skin looks on my phone, but there was some problems I have with it. I do plan on keeping it on my phone, but I don't know if I will order any more or not. Here are some photos of the skin on my phone. I wish I had took them before I had cut of the extra clear skin hanging off the phone. The last photo is of the wallpaper I downloaded on the phone.

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    Ok. Thanks for the info.

    I do have one more major problem they need to know about and that is the skin for the top front part of the iPhone blocks the sensors so when you are talking on the phone, the skin blocks the sensors so I kept hitting the mute button with my face. At first I couldn't figure out why the person oi was talking to couldn't hear me, the I look at the phone and see Mute was hit.
    That happened several times today. I hate to remove the top skin because if I do that, then I have to remove the bottom because it will not look right without it.

    Gelaskins needs to make cutouts for the proximity sensors.
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    I see a cutout for the sensors in your pic?
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    Congrats, you win first place for ugliest iPhone ever.
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    Thanks ASN21, I'm so glad you care enough to post your helpful reply!

    Anyway, that is the only thing I can think if is there must be more sensors that are hard to see. Remember the 3GS, they had sensors on both sides like three little circles or something like that.

    Edited to add: okay I feel pretty stupid. Ref26 - you are right, there is a cutout for the sensor. I did not realize that it was the only one. I thought for sure there were more like the 3GS had.

    Now I'm thinking it's the same problem with the cutout on the sensor that's the same as the flash. That they need to cut them a little bigger. I will have to try and move the front skin around and see if that helps but it looks like it's on there pretty even.
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    Proximity issues?

    I would not doubt it.

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