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My school friend's iBook G3 is in trouble.

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by nazmac21, Feb 28, 2007.

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    My friend's 2nd Generation iBook G3 is not booting normally anymore and goes into the black screen. It never boots to Mac OS X. Any help to him?
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    Going to need a little more info, does it make the startup chime? Try these steps http://docs.info.apple.com/article.html?artnum=2238
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    The start-up chime is fine and the computer boots into the FSCK screen. Never boots into the Mac OS X. I didn't have a chance to reset the PRAM, because it was at the end of class.
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    I would also try booting the OS X install cd and see what happens. You could even use a Mac OS 9 boot disk I think.
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    Now my school friend is mad. After school he said he doesn't like Apple anymore. He closed the iBook G3 hard and called it a piece of ****. He said the one good thing Apple good at doing is crashing their computers. What could I do to convince him to like Apple again? I am serious, I don't want Apple to lose a customer.
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    Tell him his laptop is at least 5 years old and that it's time to get a new laptop. Everything is going to break down eventually. If it was a windows laptop, it probably would have lasted him 3 years tops, but since it was Apple, it lasted him an extra two years. Now tell him to get a nice shiny new macbook.
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    Tell him to suck it up and buy a new one. The above poster is right.
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    I will tell him that, any other good suggestions. Remember right now he doesn't like Apple.
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    Tell him you'll give him $5 for it and smile all the way home...:p (WHAT! am I the only one thinkin' that?)
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    He still doesn't accept Apple. He said he's moving to Dell.
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    Well, I'd say just sit back and watch as his crapbox Dell crawls after a sinlge year of use. Ask him how many times he's had to reinstall the OS on his iBook, and see how many times he reformats XP/Vista during the first 2 years.

    Basically, he'll cool down soon. Nothing lasts forever. I'd say talk him into selling it to you, fix it, and show him it works fine.
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    I'll just buy a refurbished Core Duo Mini for him, if I can.
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    Haha, I have a Dell that I got last summer and I've already had to reinstall XP 3 times. It's a piece of ****. I almost got a Macbook Pro, but my college has a bunch of deals with Dell and **** so I got a Dell. Worst purchase ever. I really wish I got the MBP.
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    Should I argue with him tomorrow at school? I want him to get a Mac.
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    It might be covered under Apple's iBook G3 logic board extension program.

    link: http://www.apple.com/support/exchange_repair/ibook.html

    The symptoms you've seen match the ones I had when I had my iBook G3 fixed under the program. If the serial number matches, have your friend call apple tech support. (Mention the repair program nicely to hopefully minimize the how many hoops they make you jump through before agreeing to repair it). If fixed under this program, the fix is free.
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    Too Late! My friend trashed the iBook G3 already and bought a Dell with Windows Vista.
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    Lmao... tell him he smells :p
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    Tell him hes fat and doesnt deserve a Mac. Stupid Dell:mad:
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    Your friend is an idiot.

    At least you get to laugh at him in about 3 months when his new laptop is running slower than his G3 was.
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    Your friend is a complete moron.
    My Ibook G3 harddisk crashed and got it replaced.Using it ever since without any problems.Currently on macbook and lovin it.
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    he will regret Vista..just you watch.

    Make him jealous with Leopard when it comes out.
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    I will talk to him today about Apple and how Apple rocks. Good News: His PC already crashed.
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    "A Windows laptop"? You seriously think a PC (I guess that's what you mean) would last shorter than an Apple laptop? Would it last longer if you were running another OS than Windows?

    I'm currently using a very old PC laptop, I think it's six years old or more, and it's working (but it's slow). The three MacBooks I had recently were broken when I got them. Now I'm macless.
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    I will debate with him in 2 and a half hours. What should tell him about Apple, that will make him buy a Mac again.
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    If you really want him to buy a mac again, don't talk to him about it. Seriously. If I had a "friend" like you, I would never buy another mac, just out of spite. Well maybe not, but almost.

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