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My School

Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by ibookowner2, Aug 27, 2005.

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    Cool, i wish they did that for my school... i wish we had macs :( we are full of M$ 98 and it sucks... could go back and have a powerbook each.... i wish. :D

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    Arh, very lucky school!

    My old school only had an old iMac G4 which was subjected to the dust of one of our DT workshops :eek: . One of our DT teachers tried to get an iBook through the schools LfT (Laptops for Teachers) campaign but the school refused! :eek:

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    Feeling old. When I left school they had just purchased 10 Amstrad PCW512's for the whole school, as an upgrade from the single BBC Micro on a trolly that went from class to class!
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    Were those Dell monitors? :eek:

    My (old) school district opened a "common" technology school to be shared between the six high schools five years ago. Apple gave us a $500,000 grant to buy equipment. We have a full studio with 5 Canon XL-1s, 20 handicams, 20 ibooks, two computer labs (Mac & PC), and lots of pro software. We may not have monitor speakers, but we've got Cinema displays. :D
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    They still had one of those BBC machines when I left! Ah memories!! :) It still works nicely, was used to power a small lathe.

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