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My Sig [Feedback]

Discussion in 'Design and Graphics' started by iMacBoy, Aug 15, 2010.

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    Other than being a typical gawdy, in-your-face image signature, it's fine. I guess.
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    You can't use images in your sigs here.
    As for the sig itself, like most image-type sigs it's very amateur and unoriginal.
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    Think Different? Reeeaaallllyyyy???
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    Yeah, i know you can't use sigs on here but it was just a little something i did :p
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    For the first one:

    • Kerning's too loose between A and Y
    • Kerning's too tight between Y and L
    • Needs more air between logotype and strap
    • Strap could be in a heavier weight of Optima, if you have it
    • Crown could do with a degree or two more tilt to right
    • Crown could also do with a tiny bit more air between it and the O
    • Really not sure about the combo of Futura (Demi?) and Optima
    • Maybe try an informal script/hand for the strap?
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    Thanks man,

    Glad your not one of those people who just goes "It's ****" atleast you actually tell me how to solve it.
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    Although the logo doesn't really express the whole "Think Different" concept, I like it. Simple, clean, and elegant. As for suggestions, Blue Velvet pretty much summed it up.

    Great job, keep it up. :)
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    Thanks, and, i just wanted a slogan to put there, so i figured 'Think Different' would fit nicely, it didn't like relate to the logo haha, but thanks.
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    Fixed that for you..
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    Because 'Think Different' has NEVER been overused...:rolleyes:
    I would worry about the slogan before the logo. Apple already used it (it's essentially a meme at this point); find something new and original and make it yours.
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    Yeah. But "I can't think of a slogan so I am going to copy a popular one"
    just doesn't sound the same.
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    "THINK DIFFERENT". Well ask yourself, what's different? Nothing that I can see at the present time. Why not try something different/unique to help illustrate your concept/slogan? ie. Reverse the slogan type...do something, anything, otherwise it is not "different" is it? Just my 2 cents. :cool:

    Oh and you should also follow BV's good advice.




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