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My sister bought a nano 2 days ago!

Discussion in 'iPod' started by Bungleaio, Sep 10, 2009.

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    At the moment she's oblivious to the updated nano's that have just been launched and is really pleased with her new ipod so I don't want to take away the shine by telling her that apple updated them the day hers arrived!

    As far as I know she paid full price for it so it was before apple discounted them. I've heard that there is some sort of up to date policy that apple have but will this apply to her and her nano or should I not tell her any leave her in her ignorant bliss?
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    14 day return period. Use it if you want to or in that case, if she wants to.
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    take her out to the apple store and show her the new ones, if she likes, have her return the old and get the new - you cover the difference!

    be the nice brother ;)
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    Be a gent and do the proper thing…

    She is well within the UK's return period.
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    She's had it engraved though so I bet they won't take it back unless it's faulty. I think I'll keep quiet.
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    Yeah if it were engraved, a piece of information you left out, then the nano is not returnable. If you knew there were new iPods coming (everyone did but specs weren't quite known) then why did you let her buy it in the first place? ;)
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    I didn't know she was buying it, she wanted an ipod went to the online store and bought it I didn't know anything about it until last night when she was showing it to me.

    It's not like there is a massive difference with the update. I'll keep quiet and not take the shine off it for her.
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    Video Camera, FM Radio, Pedometer, Larger screen.....Id say it was a pretty big update
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    None of this matters because it is engraved. She will enjoy the iPod regardless. If it suited her needs at the time it should still suit her needs today.
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    She should be fine with it, but at least look into getting her the discounted price, they'll probably do that.

    And for this reason I recommend NEVER getting engraving, as cool as it is.

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