My skull candy headphones don't control the volume on my S4. WTF.

Discussion in 'Alternatives to iOS and iOS Devices' started by miamialley, Apr 28, 2013.

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    I didn't realize headphones weren't universal. How can I verify my next headphones are compatible with my S4? The ones I have can play audio and play/pause, but the volume cannot be controlled from the remote.
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    To be honest all the headphones I own will pause and play the music on my note II but not change volume. You are not alone! Are you using Google Music?
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    No. I was just trying to adjust call volume. I don't get it, so the S4 is not capable to perform the feature?
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    iPhone compatible headphones with volume buttons only work with Apple devices due to one of the rings in the jack being apple-specific. Play/pause is standardized. Not sure of any alternative headphones other than stock samsung ones that can do volume.
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    Tried my Samsung 'buds on my iPad, neither play/pause and volume work.
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    Yeah this kind of annoyed me tbh. Makes the remote almost redundant. Given how widespread these types of remotes are you'd think apple and other manufactures would get together and hash out a licencing deal or something.
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    The only way forward and to guarantee cross platform is to go for a Bluetooth headset unfortunetly.
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    These will do volume on Android. They come with their own app that lets you choose whatever functions you like for the single control button (click hold for volume up, double click + hold for volume down, etc).

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