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My stand-in case till I get a more permanent replacement

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by TheSacredSoul, Dec 1, 2010.

  1. TheSacredSoul, Dec 1, 2010
    Last edited: Dec 1, 2010

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    I was just rummaging through my cupboard looking for me certificates when I found it. And it fit's pretty alright. It will have to do for now. It a case for my Razer mousepad, the Destructor. It's hard on the surface and it'd do a nice job of protecting it over minor bumps but nothing major. What I like about it is that it's slim. When I first bought the Destructor mousepad couple of years ago, I remembered thinking the case would be a good case for laptops. Had a 15" HP that time and it wont fit. Not to mention, it was too thick. Well, I snapped a few pics. And oh, its a 13 MBA if anyone is wondering.




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    That looks pretty cool - and would kill 2 birds with one stone as I'm after a new mouse mat for work!

    is this the one on UK amazon?
    Amazon Destructor
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    Yup thats the one alright :D
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    Quality - thats ordered then! Thanks for the pics and info.

    (I had bought the crumpler espresso hard suit for the air, but it didn't quite fit as it hasn't been updated for the new airs - this will do nicely until the new ones come out)
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    Oh. Didnt know the old MBA and the new 13" MBA had so much of a fit issue with cases? :eek: I thought the only difference was its 2mm thinner?
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    I also have a temporary sleeve for mine until my proper sleeve arrives. Apparently, all sleeves for the air, around here, have to be ordered online and arrive in about a week. So for a very temporary solution, I got a sleeve which is only a little more bulky.

    The plus is that it has a small interior pocket which is perfect for holding SDRam cards in. The bad is that it isn't form fitting for the MBA and it has zippers. When it comes to avoiding scratches and stuff, I'd rather not have a sleeve that just happens to have items that can cause scratches. So I'm being very careful to avoid zippers when moving the Air in and out of the temporary sleeve. That's one bit of hassle I'd rather not have. Can't wait for my other case to arrive. I'd rather have the ability to just use a sleeve without having to mind as much.
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    Absolutely. I hate zippers. I open the whole case up before i take out or put the MBA back in just to be safe. So far, so good. :eek:
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    The Crumpler case was great, but the MBA was slightly too large width wise, so it would sit with one side in the space provided, while the other just sat up on the edge, and consequently, the top of the case placed, i felt, too much pressure on the lid of the MBA. so back it went! (and I should have taken picture!). In the mean-mean time, I'm using a 13" Crumpler School Hymn which is pretty good, but i could fit two MBAs on top of each other in the internal space.
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    Yours is a lot nicer than my stand-in case until I got my Tom Bihn Cache.

    It was an Epson ink jet paper box with some foam-core pads. :p

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