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my stupid pod cuts songs

Discussion in 'iPod' started by dorqiekat, Jan 12, 2006.

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    I have a 4gen 20 gig ipod and sometimes it randomly picks a song and decides not to finish it. It just cuts off and ends. Even the countdown of the song it self is shorter than it is supposed to be and is on itunes.

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    The files are probably VBR MP3s created with a different app. I've had that happen to me with a couple of files. If you re-rip it in iTunes, it should fix the problem.
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    thanks, I'm too lazy for this........ it's the worst feeling though, you're listening. And it's over, but not really.
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    haha. Well put.
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    I have this problem too with songs bought from the iTunes music store - I've just been to busy to do anything about it.

    It is a bit frustrating.
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    and it's not like you only have 10 songs and you can remember for later when you're near a computer without nothing to do. No, you say.. you HOPE that you'll remember the song, and fix it. but what do you do? you're listening to your ipod, and it plays, stops, and plays something else. you go, hey... wtf? stupid ipod... hey this is a good song.

    then you remember that it has happened, and don't know what to do. So you go to MR and ask, what the hell is wrong with my pod? and of course, you get answers, opinions, help faqs.

    THEN, you reply once or twice on not wanting to do it.

    go figure.
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    I had a similar problem with cutting the music short and skipping while the iPod was sitting in the dock and I was directed to do the following:

    I hadn't had the problem again. Of course, I was using it with a Macintosh, so I had to adjust for FireWire, etc.
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    on a much darker note I had the same problem on my 4G 40 Gig ipod a couple of months before the hard drive died. The others have made very good suggestions but there is one characteristic of your problem that does not seem to fit what others have suggested. You stated that your ipod Randomly does this and playback is fine on your computer. That would seem to eliminate the VBR MP3 suspect especially if playback on ipod is random. Does it Randomly select a song that falls short or is it always the same songs that fall short of complete playback on the ipod?
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    I have been having the same problem with two different iPods (a 3G 20GB and a Nano). See the thread I started shortly before yours here.
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    same song, but it randomly chooses a different song to do it to each time... I don't think what I said makes sense. let me explain... the first time this has happened, it was to the song "because you loved me." it happened to this song every time, very annoying. One day, it just stopped (I'm guessing after updates or something) so I stopped noticing. Now, it is to "undiscovered" and the same, each time this song would come on, it would cut at the exact same place.

    So, when "because you loved me" was cut, "undiscovered" was playing fine... possibly at one time, they both played fine. And now, "because you loved me" has no problems and "undiscovered" is driving me nuts.

    is my hard drive dying? I like my stupid ipod. and I don't have applecare, I had to reach really deep into my pocket to get the ipod, and I got it at school w/ the discount. that would be sad, I wouldn't know what I'd do. :(
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    Okay, after the 10.4.4 updates "undiscovered" would play without any cuts. And I thought, great, I hope that's all fixed. And now, "Sing for absolution" cuts. Who knows how many more does this? I can't sit here and listen to all of my music to see if it cuts... I don't know what to do, I'm leaving for Paris to study abroad in a week and would need a fully functional ipod.

    Does this mean my ipod hd is going south?

    should I go visit the apple store?
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    It's happend with my mini. The couple times I noticed it was right after I had it hooked up to my iBook (my mini is pair with my iMac). Both times I noticed it, all I had to do was to connect it to my iMac and the full song downloaded.
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    Did you follow the instructions I quoted?
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    question w/applecare

    I figured that it's not worth the risk of letting it be, so I went to the apple store and bought applecare for the ipod. So, whatever the ipod decides to do in the near future, I'll be covered.

    a question though, I know for a fact that I bought my ipod at my university's apple store sometime in the late feb or early march 05. I don't have a receipt though. Will this be a problem? I already bought the applecare and registered it.
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    If you search the apple discussion forums, you will see that this is not an isolated problem, and it seems that there is no fix available.

    My 3G does the same thing, but after I notice a song has ended prematurely, I have noted that when the iPod is synced, the songs that ended early are updated, and seem to play normally the next time (although as it has been mentioned, sometimes it is difficult to keep track of the songs).

    I wish there was an explanation or a fix, but in the interim it is just an annoyance.
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    You know, my iPod mini did the same thing the day it died. Luckily it was still under warranty (incidentally, that was the 2nd time I had to return an iPod & Apple was awesome both times). I was going to suggest that you get applecare 'quick' - but reading further it looks like you did :)

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