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My Switch

Discussion in 'Switch Stories' started by maradong, Jul 21, 2003.

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    Well i got myself a mac, the first one, and i hope i will not regret it *g*.
    actually i m still using linux everywhere I can, but well.
    I was always talking of getting myself a Powerbook, but the delay of the 15'' made me decide to get a nice desktop, and a little notebook => ibook which i haven t got yet...
    Well, I m not really great at telling histories, that s why i ll stop here. Just wanted you to know that i am finally making a part out of the mac community.
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    Hey, waitaminute. You're a 6502. You mean to tell us you've been a contributing member for that long and you didn't have a Mac?

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    well i was only working on those at school,
    and knew enough for the rest. the ppc architecture is just so impressive, i ve always been reading things about it, and therefore was able to post ;-)
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    So which desktop did you get? What are your initial impressions?

    Anyway, congrats on the new purchase.
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    i mac 17''
    1 ghz
    768 mb ram
    80 gig disc
    hm. - thinking-
    no bluetooth, ( could need it but well. my budget )
    no ae, ( don t need it ).

    my first impression was like.
    huh man that machine is fast ;-) no really. all the mac s i was able to put the hands on were like 400 mhz g3 s.

    only "realistic" point is ripping speed. 6 - 10x for aac @ 128 kbts. but it s still good. ;-)
    and it looks so stylish . it s just great
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    And not to mention a teensy footprint :)

    Well, welcome then!
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    yeah ,-)

    another point i noticed.
    I is nearly silent. and compared to my linux box ( es ) it isn t disturbing, you can leave it on all the time, and you ll not notice it.
    => well my linux boxes are also always on, but you hear them by far more.
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    Hello Patrick,

    what is a 6502 ?

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    Good to see you again.

    Well, in the forums it's a user posting level. when you reach 500 posts you graduate from "Regular" to "6502" and you are able to have an avatar.

    The origin of the 6502 is in the microprocessors Apples have used. I thing the 6502 was the Microprocessor used in the Apple ][ Plus (?)
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    btw, just wondering, what are the other levels ? and how many posts do you have to do to reach them . ;-)

    => my mac still works like a charm. didn t crash or slow down in 3 days ;-) cool .
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    OK - thanks for the answer. Quite a way to go for me :)

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    Welcome... I am glad to hear you made the jump and you're loving it.

    I am wondering this too tho... 6502 is 500 what's next? 68000? I've noticed a demi god or two with only 300 posts?

    Is there a place on the site to find out the levels? Arn??

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    there have been many threads on the levels, do a search...and i think the 6502 was the cpu in the original apple I

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