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My thoughts on a MacBook Air & volume question

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by MinEderPlayz, Sep 13, 2013.

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    Hey guys,

    first of all I'd like to offer my opinion on Macs.
    For years now I was interested in Apple products but I'd thought never to buy one because it's so daringly expensive. But last year I simply thought "yeah whatever I really WANT this thing" and got myself an iMac. For Office, SimCity and other games I got myself Windows 8 for Boot Camp later. Having been a long term Windows 7 user I was disappointed to see the UI being non-translucent again. This didn't bother me much though because I mainly used OS X anyways. I was very satisfied with the performance of my iMac and the screen size was pretty decent as well (I didn't really like the 27" model because I always felt punched in the face by that giant screen.) and I didn't ever want to go back to my old Windows machines. This summer, I started to need a laptop for my work. I thought what could be a great mobile machine and saw what other people used and also looked around in stores, but those Dell, HP, Samsung, etc. devices were looking awfully cheap, thick and heavy. So I decided to at least have a look at how pricey Apple laptops are, and the 11" MacBook Air with just 999$ came to my mind, which was just as expensive as many other laptops around. I really liked it being on OS X, being non-plastic but aluminum unibody and being so amazingly thin. (Also I liked the glowing Apple on the rear.) I got it and since then I don't want to put it away. Installed Windows 7 via Boot Camp so I could also take Office on the go, and made it my everyday companion. Can't complain - it's an Apple laptop, what'd I expect.
    Now my question: I some day found out the MacBook Air was just the same brightness on OS X and on Windows, but on OS X it was maxed out (full bar) while on Windows it was like half the brightness maximum. I turned it up on Windows and suddenly - whoa how bright can this thing be! - it was brighter than it ever became on OS X. Doesn't bother me because I turned it down again, other than the volume. It's the same thing: OS X is on loudest setting, while Windows is only at 40%. I really like how iTunes sounds through Windows with sound optimization so I'd like to have that on OS X as well. Any idea how to do this?

    Sorry for the long post and please excuse any grammar problems (I'm from Germany) but please indicate them so I can improve my English speaking skills. Anyway, thanks for reading!:)
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    Sorry I don't have an answer for you,but your English is Fantastic.Better than many native speakers.
    And I'm jealous since I took German in High School and college and have forgotten most of it.
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    Okay thanks :eek: didn't expect that :)
    If you want to I could help you by refreshing some of your German.

    Anyways, I still don't understand why the volume is so much higher on Windows than on OS X, especially because it is a native OS X machine. This sounds like a car which goes faster with two additional seats in it:D any ideas what this could be?

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