My trip to slang school

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by wdlove, Apr 11, 2004.

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    Shooting the breeze with the streetwise teaches our manhow to talk the talk, at least for April

    By Peter DeMarco, Globe Correspondent, 4/11/2004

    Having chipped in my entrance fee to slang school -- $20 for pizza and Cokes -- I pull up a chair to a group of noisy teenagers at the Dorchester Youth Collaborative one recent afternoon, swallow my adult pride, and ask the experts for their opinion.
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    What a slang n00b! :p

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    I've never even heard most of that... :confused:
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    I think these guys just made stuff up to make him look like an ass. This reminds me of the time they were talking about kids using phrases like 'weapons grade salsa.' Losers.
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    What the hell was that?

    I think their making that stuff up.

    Seriously I go to a high school and thats all lies... expect calling a gun 'the heat' (or other heat references)... but the rest is lies.

    'Y0 pass the Cheez!'

    'Whats Cheez'

    'Its the new word for cool beans'

    'Whats cool beans?'

    'Its the word for wack'

    'Whats wack mean?'

    'Its like Whack, but different'

    'How is it different?'

    'Well its like Cheez, but more wack'

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    Dude, I think it's spelled with a three. ;)

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    yeah that was definately one of the dumbest articles i've read in a long time. "pack the breakfast sandwich"... wtf? :confused:
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    i live in north philly and i talk to my cousins from nyc all the time...
    i have NEVER HEARD those words before evAR
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    I thought that the words were nationwide. It sounds as though that are just Boston based slang.
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    I've eard about half of them. I thought the Modos one was funny. Uuug-lay.....
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    wtf you talkin' 'bout?

    that article was wack, but the slang is on. it's all old/new skool now. it's all remixed. neptunes... you know? amen?

    yeah, fo sheezy.

    slang is made on the spot sometimes... if you act like you don't know... your not in.

    5000 bitches!
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    so a tech9 with hollow points or cop killer bullets could be an "egg mcmuffin with cheese?"
    or maybe for something with more flava (similar to a bin lauden) "a sausage and egg mcgriddle with cheese?"
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    Wow, far out man.....
    I wonder if Pigeon English will ever come back, when I came back from Hawaii in '56 it's all I could speak and at 5 my grand parents trying to understand and get me back on "American English" was tough. (wish I could remember some of it) it was a cross between Polynesian, English, and a lot of Hawaiian with a mix of anything else we could hear.
    Anyone out there know what I'm talking about?
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    i think the word 'poop' is very much cool right now...

    use it daily; and treat your co-workers like monkeys. :D

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    Bubb Rubb could teach you a few slang words.

    It's still all about the Woo Wooo.

    because I can't figure out how to insert the link in the words.
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    Yeah, I think those boys were just making stuff up as they talked to the guy. Half those words don't even appear in That's a site where they'll go on 5 pages trying to define "milkshake" and "pimp juice." :eek:
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    that urban dictionary is crap... what ghetto kid has access to a on-line computer???

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    me either, most of those times that a middle aged guy trys to learn teenage slang he just doesnt get it. and he looks stupid.
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    I am in the last year of high school, and have never heard any of those words, aside from "bling-Bling" which we use only to make fun of the rappers, and people who drive sooped up civics


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