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My TV-B-Gone Project

Discussion in 'Picture Gallery' started by xXriderXx7, Jan 9, 2009.

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    So over the past three weeks of Christmas vacation I have been learning about and working on creating a sleek and stealthy TV-B-Gone from the kit. For those of you who dont know what a TV-B-Gone is, it is a small electronic unit that emits multiple POWER codes for numerous TV's through infrared LEDs. It makes for great fun and "harmless" entertainment. Haha. So for those of you who are interested, here is my completed attempt at a custom enclosed Tv-B-Gone:

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    The Gizmodo idea is exactly what got me started on this. Ive had the key chain TV-B-Gone for a while, but I was kind of disappointed with its range. You have to be within 25 feet and have a very clear line of sight. This one works nearly from wall to wall at Bestbuy. The chrome LED mounts really increased the range, along with there being four of them. Haha. Im waiting on a USB programer to come in the mail so I can add more codes onto the microchip.
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    Do you have a schematic for this? I'd like to try to make one...
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    lmaooo i didn't fully understand this until i watched that video some one linked us to, that is a funny prank. everyone starting freaking out when the expensive TV's shut off slowly by one, then five, then a whole wall of them.
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    ahahahah this is awesome. one time i was rewiring one of my bass guitars.. cept i made a little mistake. when i played the bass through my amp, my dad yelled "what the **** happened to the tv?!" apparently somehow it jammed the tv whenever i played.. hahaha kinda cool mistake
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    I actually ordered the kit of off the tv-b-gone website, then just figured out how it could fit into the project box. Took a lot of time with the dremel tool and soldering iron, but it was fairly easy. Cost are $40 all together.

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