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My Vaja Order Experience ***work in progress***

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by foolishfocus, Jul 6, 2010.

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    One of the biggest trends I have seen when it comes to the Vaja cases (and Orbino as well) is the lack of customer service from these small companies. Some people have had good luck, others bad, and most of the threads that come up under the search function relate to threads from well over a year ago.

    I plan to use this thread to explain my experience with Vaja to hopefully alleviate any fears or bring to light any gaps in the ordering, waiting, and receiving process.

    After quite a bit of Macrumors, Google, and Youtube research, the benefits far outweigh the negatives to such an exclusive and individualized product. I plan on keeping this thread updated on my experiences with Vaja customer service, my wait time, and my thoughts on the actual product when it arrives. I will be letting Vaja know that I am compiling this information and plan on contacting them periodically for any updates on my case. Well without further ado, my experience so far.....

    July 1
    -At 10:00am I sent an email through the website asking about any promotions or discounts they may be offering. I received a reply at 10:10am informing me that they were not currently offering any promotions. I also asked about any news on the iPhone 4 cases they had showing as "coming soon" and was informed they could not disclose any information about these products at this time.
    -At 10:49am I replied asking if their was any way of seeing better representations of the colors they offered as I was having trouble distinguishing between some of them. I received a reply at 11:29am that while there were no further pictures, the representative would be happy to answer any questions regarding look, feel, or color of any of their materials.
    - I placed an order for a Floater White with Caterina Rosso Agenda 2 for the iPad.

    July 2
    -i sent an email at 9:24am asking if my order had been received. I received a reply 14 minutes later confirming my order had been received along with confirmation of the item details.

    July 5
    -I received an automated email confirming my order details and letting me know my card was going to be charged.

    July 6
    -I replied to the Vaja representative I had been speaking with inquiring as to whether or not any customized text would be available for this item as I had not seen it on the customization screen. Within 2 minutes I had received a reply from Maria letting me now that the option was not available due to the style of leather that was being produced.

    All in all a great experience so far. I have always been responded to within an hour. I'm sure this thread won't need any updating for a while but if anything changes I will be sure to document it. I can't wait to get this item in my hands and will of course be posting a video (thanks to my iPhone 4 naturally) of the item when I receive it. Good luck to anyone else who plans on ordering one!
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    Hope the case turns out great.
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    Are you having any better luck getting in contact with them? What email address are you using?
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    Hey, thanks! No, I have not had any luck. It's been about a week since I started trying. I have used info@vajacases.com, filled out the "contact us" boxes to about 3 different addresses, and a couple days ago used the address for Celia which was provided to me. Also tried the area code 305 number they provide, but no answer and no reply to voice mail.

    No big deal, just 48 days out and interested in the status. Mainly just afraid it's lost in the shuffle.
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    Her email is Cecilia@vajacases.com

    And maybe people are not getting responses as her name is actually Maria. Cecilia is her last name.
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    oops. I did send my email to this exact address--sorry for the error in the post above. Perhaps on vacation this week like I am.
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    Actually I just got an email back from her not 50 minutes after I sent mine to her.

    The order is still under the last part of the manufacturing process but as soon as it is released from production we will ship it to you immediately. We 'd like to apologize for the wait but due to the great demand we are having, we are suffering some delay in our production schedule.

    Best regards,

    Maria Cecilia
    García Querol
    Customer Care Department

    For the record mine was ordered on May 24th.
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    What case did you order?
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    The original Agenda in Toffee with the Brownie insert. What is very interesting is neither of those colors are offered anymore??
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    I believe you can now call it "Limited Edition" :)
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    I just want to call it mine. Patience is not a character trait I possess.
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    My wife ordered the original Agenda in two tone blue, and I just ordered the Agenda 2 in two tone brown.

    We both have a couple of cases for our iPhones, and I am very happy with their products, but their production and shipping times can be long.
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    Hey, maybe you could check on my case! ;)

    Actually, I am rather frustrated. Many emails by now, several phone calls, none of which were answered. All I want is an update on my order. (Placed May 22). I am being very polite in my emails, and I have purchased 3 other Vaja cases. I also tried both my home and office computers, just on the off chance that replies were being stopped by an overzealous spam blocker.
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    From what I can see below Cecilia is her middle name. And her last name is García Querol.

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    Just got the e-mail from Fed-Ex, my case was delivered this morning. Sadly, I recently moved and won't make it back over to that address until Wednesday.
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    You have got to be kidding me. I'm glad you got your case (sort of) but this is out of hand.

    What can possibly be taking them so long.
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    Here it is, just some quick photos while I am at work. All the stitching and cuts look good. The smell is amazing! Sadly my iPad is at home so I will have to check out the fit later tonight.

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    Looks great, Vaja uses the best leather so that's why it smells so good.
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    Beware: I have a problem with the ivolution top for the ipad; the leather split on one of the corners, and they have refused to honor their warranty saying it cannot be a fault in their material or workmanship, even though examination clearly shows the split to be jagged, following the lines of the embossing in the leather. Other cases I have had from them have been fine, but I think they are now overextended by demand and may be slipping.
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    Okay, things are out of hand.

    Yeah this is a vent post. I'm sure no one cares but maybe it will make me feel better.

    Ordered on May 24th when timeline was 45 days. Been getting the normal updates from Maria which gave me hope I would one day get my case.

    On the 22th of June I was told 10 more days. On the 5th I was told another week. Last week she told me my case was in quality control. Yesterday I emailed her and asked how QC could possibly take so long and got this BS answer.

    There is a huge amount to be tested that is why this process is taking longer than usual. It is in the queue to be controlled, and we estimate this should not be longer than within a week."

    I feel like I'm getting the big screw you from these guys while the continue to feed product to other vendors like cases.com.

    Not even an apology from these clowns.

    Okay, end rant. Thank you for your time.
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    This has kinda made me decide to use cases.com for when i get mine. 45 days is stupid in the first place - delays beyond that are not acceptable.
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    Thats where I got mine, but...and a BIG but...you have to be willing to settle for 1 or 2 color combos. In my case it was either black/red or black/lime for the ivolution top. If you want something custom, you just have to do the wait thing rather than compromise.

    I do have to say, gettin' it in less than a weeks time vs 45 days is a compromise I was willing to make.
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    For some reason they have great products but their customer service isn't good at all. I guess this is how they do, in Europe.
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    No - just this company it seems. Europe is pretty similar to the US in terms of consumer protection.
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    Im sure they dont, but maybe someone over at Vaja is watching MacRumors..

    I just got a Fed Ex notice in my inbox 10 minutes ago.

    I could almost due the happy dance, but I'm not getting worked up till I see it in person.

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