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My version of the G5 commercial

Discussion in 'Mac Scene' started by Schiffi, Aug 7, 2003.

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    nice job. not too shabby.:)
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    Very good! Let me guess - you like playing games on your mac? Seriously, I would like to see Apple pay more attention to gamers.
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    it'd be an interesting hook for them to tout the games, tho i suspect pc companies would soon release ads saying "Play ALL the hottest games, not just some of them."
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    Powerbook G5

    Too bad Intel doesn't use the Bunny suit guys anymore...but wouldn't that be interesting to see a FPS playing and then get to the "enemies" and see that they are the Dell interns or something and the guy blasting them as the whole "Worlds most powerful personal computer" is voiced over. :D
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    Mr. Anderson

    Nice, but I think you could have used a little more action in the clip. Most of it was you running around and only shooting a bit. If you could put some in your face explosions, massive amounts of firepower etc. it would make it even more impressive.

    Good job.

    D :D
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    Jerry Spoon

    I like the concept. Goodness knows that gaming is one of the mac's weak spots.
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  9. Gus
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    He would, but his G4 just won't handle it. ;)


    By the way, I love the idea!
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    Cool. Very cool.

    What game was that? Excuse the idiocy- I've only played OttoMatic on my Mac. :(

  11. Wes
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    Re: Cool

    Unreal Tournament 2003
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    ...and cheesball

    the concept is good (assuming that there are some killer games on the mac)

    the technical side of the clip is ok (just scaling an image and a movie clip at the same time creates problems with perspective, maybe I am being too anal)

    But the narrative over this 'simple' clip, common... PC gamers would laugh their pants off !

    (in all fairness, my biggest grudge is due to the original Apple narrative. I can't believe that they stick to the 'world fastest, most powerfull' line...)
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    I think I should've paused a little starting out. So ppl, at first glance, wouldn't know it was a Mac then slowly zoom out. I found the keyframing in FCE a little unwielding, so this was what it ended up to be. My G4 played the game mostly a smooth 24-30FPS most of the time, even on high firepower scenes. Though I don't really like the game I felt it was the best graphically on the market now for the Mac, I just didn't play it enough to see these big explosions. I hate the narrative to. I think Apple needs a new advertising depart. These Goldblum lines are drab.
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    Great movie! :D
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    Yeah me too, the clip could be longer, and when it zooms out, I'm not sure but if you could get either a more detailed G5 Picture or make is more clear because in that Pic the G5 looks like crud.

    You can't even see parts of the display.

    But very good so far.

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