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My Vision of iOS 7

Discussion in 'iOS 7' started by ajvizzgamer101, Apr 5, 2013.

  1. ajvizzgamer101, Apr 5, 2013
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    UPDATED with Version 2! Thanks for the advice on my it better.

    OLD: v1 http://i49.tinypic.com/4ida2b.jpg

    New: v2


    Some of the App Icons were made by users on DeviantArt. I do not take credit for some of them.
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    I like the general idea (unified lock screen with NC, safari update, and settings toggles and update).
    I don't use search at all so I wouldn't want that at the top of my home screen
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    Personally, I would agree. A perfect solution would be to remove it all together and just us Siri. But some people like having that search bar, and having in the front makes more sense. I also wanted this iOS design to mimic OS X Launchpad.
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    i liked the concept of the video on the front page article. And you're right, just because I don't use it doesn't mean other people don't. Maybe an on/off feature
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    Someone is going to be disappointed.
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    eh, homepage is way more elegant and concise.
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    Very nice. Hopefully this ties in with Ive's 'flatter' iOS.
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    Saw it as well. I like the Shelf/Download thing, that was a pretty cool idea. Other than that it was basically mine just arranged differently. Their Mission Control was good but I'd rather have Quick Settings rather than the multitasking take up the whole screen. And one problem with having Quick Toggles... What if you lose your phone/tablet and you look for it using Find my iPhone but someone toggles Airplane mode. Yikes! I also on the lockscreen/notification screen got rid of the top bar and slide to unlock so one could add widgets..ects. They did a fantasic job of putting this all together but just wanted to state why I didn't do exactly what they did. I will look into cleaning up the icons and making the quick settings better. Thanks for your input.
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    The actual ideas arent so bad, but the execution (images) is terrible. If ios7 looked like that in your pics, if would throw my iOS devices out the window.
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    Krazy Bill

    Apple just needs to open up to jailbreaking and provide a link to Cydia.

    Poof! iOS 7 will just magically develop itself. :eek:
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    Unfortunately, the changes are too significant for a single release, maybe over several releases.
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    The colors are way over saturated for an Apple UI, but design wise it looks pretty good.
  14. PBP
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    Ugly as hell with all those missplaced gradients, not Apple-like.
    And your mission control looks like the jailbreak app Auxo
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    The only thing I like is the Safari rendering. Everything else seems way too busy.
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    My vision..

    Make it Look & Run like android. LOL


    This concept screams Jelly Bean and I WELCOME because as a Mac user I NEED an iOS device for my iTunes (Protected) purchases.


    Now I just wish Apple releases a 4.7"+ iPhone.
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    so you're saying ios 7 should really be android?
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    I am doing what Apple will do, make it more like OS X. Widgets, Search on Launch Pad, Mission Control.
  20. ajvizzgamer101, Apr 7, 2013
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    iOS 7 Concept v2


    Some of the App Icons were made by users on DeviantArt. I do not take credit for some of them.
  21. Defender2010, Apr 8, 2013
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    Any chance of this wallpaper?? Thanks

    EDIT: sorry, I mean the one on the first post...small blades of grass.
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    I'm sorry but that it ghastly.
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    Your the first person who said they liked it. lol. I had to change it in version 2.


    Well, why? You can't just says it's not good. I need to know why.
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    I find it much harder to read and most of it - while maybe nice doesn't really add function to me. I guess I'd go for function over looks - on a smart phone.

    I rarely, if ever, turn off Bluetooth or WIFI etc. unless I'm on an airplane and thus turn on airplane mode. Not sure why so many people are always dealing with settings (probably battery issues - which I don't have).
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    I think the lock screen is really nice. They really need to add more to the lock screen.

    App icons looks nice but too cartoony but I understand the general idea that your giving off that we will see a more flat and simple icon design in iOS 7 thanks to Jony Ive.

    An omni bar for Safari would be great!

    I also hope they get rid of the little (x) to remove notifications from notification center. I don't know what they were thinking with that.

    Swipe left to delete, Swipe right or tap to open. OR vice-versa.

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