My website is acting strange...!!!

Discussion in 'Web Design and Development' started by mikebatho, Dec 10, 2005.

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    I'm no web designer, so please try & work with me here....

    A friend of mine has created a site for me, way beyond what I asked him to do, he's made quite a nice looking little thing....


    In internet Explorer, the scrollomg bars on the left don't load properly until you ajust the window size, I thought this was an Explorer problem, until I deleted it & downloaded it again....

    There's a definite problem when you load the site in the original sised window.

    What gives.......?

    (it seems fine in Safari & Firefox, but I wan't it to load well on everything)

    Here's the link:

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    Works fine for me in Safari.

    You might want to change the site title from "Welcome to Adobe GoLive 6" though ;)
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    Works fine for me, as well.
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    Yeah. I know. I'll get the ADOBE GO6 thing changed, we worked on my site kinda hurridly, and that's a small price to pay for the huge favour my friend has done me...( I can't do web stuff)

    The problem lies with Explorer. I'd love to think It's just my machine, but obviously I need to know, seeing as it's the most popular browser.....

    Must dash, The south of England is on fire, and I need to know who they're blaming......
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    Back again...

    Could the problem lie in the way the site was created - an automated series of galleries from Photoshop?

    You can adjust the thumnail bar settings, and it's only that that's loading funnily in Explorer for me....

    Or is it my version of Explorer? It shouldn't be, as I downloaded a fresh copy....

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    It looks okay in Safari, Netscape, and Firefox, of my Powerbook with OS 10.4.2. I don't have IE to test it out on sorry. BTW: Very nice site, and creations!

    Good Luck!
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    I can replicate the problem with the 'latest' IE on 10.4.3 ... so you're not going mad!

    I'm pretty sure the problem is to do the very bad underling HTML code and the use of 'Frames within Frames'.

    How to fix it ... I think you are going to have to ditch the photoshop automated gallery and get your hands grubby in GoLive and create a bit more of a custom design.

    Don't worry too much about things not looking perfect in IE for the Mac as it's not a supported browser any more ... however, the poor HTML may cause problems with PC browsers?
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    Works fine for me!!

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    Perhaps it really is just my explorer browser acting wierd then......

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